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Online pharmacy: between wellness and safety – PinkItalia

Many Italians took advantage of the time spent at home because of
Covid-19 for rediscover the pleasure of taking care of yourself. But with the return to normality, how will it be possible to reconcile old rhythms and new habits? It is no mystery, in fact, that the back to working life take some important time away like the one dedicated to choosing and buying your favorite products.

To buy the best personal care products, there is no better place than the pharmacy. But how long does it take us to visit the physical pharmacy? This is where the convenience of online shopping joins the professionalism and reputation of the industry’s pillars. This is the case of Helpfarma, the online pharmacy that has been taking care of Italians for years by providing them with the best products on the market just a click away. The catalog of over 50,000 references allows users to find their own favorite products and receive them at home directly from the sofa at home!

But which products can I buy online?

There liberalization of the online drug market in 2015 has allowed online pharmacies to be able to sell pharmaceuticals on the web. Since that time, the number of pharmacies and parapharmacies active in the sector has increased exponentially, surpassing 1,300 share throughout the Italian territory.

To date, the online pharmacies they can offer to users only nonprescription drugs, which can be used to treat mild symptoms. The doctor’s prescription, therefore, is not needed except in the most serious cases. Thus, it is possible to outline some well-defined categories of products on sale in the catalogs of the best online pharmacies in Italy:

  • SOP drugs: ie Without Prescription Obligation;
  • OTC medications: common over-the-counter drugs (from the English “over the counter”)
  • Parapharmaceuticals

The group of parapharmaceuticals it is certainly the broadest one, which contains within it numerous other product categories, including:

  • Cosmetics;
  • Food supplements;
  • Health and orthopedic devices;
  • Homeopaths;
  • Slimming products.

Among these, undoubtedly the most popular are certainly food supplements and cosmetics, respectively in 1st and 2nd place in users’ preferences.

Are online pharmacies safe?

In Italy, the share of people who buy drugs online is growing rapidly year after year. This has thus led to an increase in pharmacies and parapharmacies active in the pharmaceutical trade. The main doubt of those who approach the world of pharmacy ecommerce is always the same: are online pharmacies safe?

The answer is certainly positive! Firstly, an online pharmacy can only be active on the web if it has a physical store in the area. This is somehow a synonym of reliability and daily relationship with its customers. Furthermore, the online pharmacies must be licensed to the sale of drugs online both since Ministry of Health that by the AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency).

The certification is demonstrated by the green dot with a white cross on it containing the direct link to the Ministry of Health website. Here you will be able to check the online marketing authorization for products from the online pharmacy.

In order not to run into counterfeit products and scams, therefore, it is necessary rely on recognized players in the sector such as www.helpfarma.it and remember to always look for the certified green badge, so you can sleep peacefully.

Some safety tips

The rise of the online pharmacy industry, however, has coincided with a increase of unofficial portals. They try to leverage the industry’s success at the expense of customer safety.

Even before checking the official certification sticker, they are there some small details which, if noticed, can reveal the quality of a site. A first doorbell alarm when buying drugs online must be the form productthat:

  • It must be extremely accuratethe more details the better;
  • It must not report a price that is too discountedwhich is often a symptom of poor product quality;
  • It must be complete with product imageto ensure that we are buying exactly the product we want.

In short, by following these little tips, we can fully enjoy the shopping experience of our favorite products and in complete safety.

Article written by PinkItalia editorial staff

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