• May 28, 2023

Missing helicopter with 7 people on board, was headed for Treviso. The searches restarted at dawn

BOLOGNA – The search for the helicopter that disappeared yesterday morning on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines has resumed in the Pievelago area, in the Modena area. The aircraft, with seven people on board, had departed from Capannori Tassignano (Lucca) airport and was headed to the Treviso area, for days it operated a shuttle service between the two areas for the transport of foreign buyers visiting Italian companies. A violent disturbance raged in the area where the research is concentrated.

Yesterday the first reconnaissance flights triggered with the alarm in the afternoon, over particularly inaccessible wooded areas, had not given results. The searches continued until late midnight but were then interrupted to resume today around 6.30.

The Alpine Rescue is present with various territorial teams, some of which will be boarded on aircraft of the Air Force, which coordinates the operations, for the search from above. Also on the field are the Fire Brigade, 118, the financial police and civil protection.

Helicopter with 7 people on board lost in the Apennines, searches on the border between Emilia and Tuscany

On board the pilot Corrado Levorin, 33 years old from Padua, and six entrepreneurs in the paper sector for domestic use: four Turks and two Lebanese. Foreign entrepreneurs were expected in Castelminio di Resana (Treviso), as confirmed by sources from Roto Cart, a company specializing in the production of paper.

The helicopter lost in front of the Roto Cart company three days ago

The helicopter missing in front of the Roto Cart company three days ago (loop)

On social media there is anxiety about the fate of the pilot and passengers. “Unfortunately I have to inform the friends of the Chioggia Boat Show that this morning the helicopter that does tourist service during our event of the company Avio srl together with its friendly captain and 6 foreign entrepreneurs is currently reported missing on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. hope that Corrado Levorin and the 6 passengers are still alive, I await further news to update you. A prayer … “writes Marino Masiero.

Corrado Levorin, the pilot

Corrado Levorin, the pilot

Corrado Levorin, originally from Polverara, has been working for Avio Srl for a year and a half which is based at the Arturo Ferrarin airport of Thiene (Vicenza) and is the owner of the vehicle. He studied at the “Guido Baracca” National Helicopter School in Lugo di Romagna, where he obtained a license as a commercial helicopter pilot which allows you to be an instructor and transport passengers.

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