Meloni: “It is unthinkable to delay the 2023 elections. We must vote by March. Mattarella does not lend himself”

Meloni: "It is unthinkable to delay the 2023 elections. We must vote by March. Mattarella does not lend himself"

“If anyone thinks they can really bring the general elections to June to make 300 appointments first, I will call upon the President of the Republic”. It is the commitment of Giorgia Melons, in the face of the possibility of postponing the political elections to the last useful date, that is to the end of May 2023. “It is a hypothesis that I find intolerable and unthinkable. You have to vote in March, because this is the natural deadline”, says the leader of FdI. Contrary to this hypothesis, however, decidedly supported both by the Democratic Party and by Italia Viva and also in part by Forza Italia, as well as by the centrists in general.

“I exclude that from happening because I intend to denounce it at 360 degrees. And I exclude that the President of the Republic will lend himself to such a thing”, adds Meloni on the sidelines of an electoral initiative in Gorizia. “You have to vote in March, because this is the natural deadline”. But if that happens, someone “takes responsibility”.

Do you think you can beat the league? ” This is a topic that journalists are passionate about – Giorgia cuts short Melons – My goal is to go to the government of the Nation and I am not available to govern with the Democratic Party, with the 5S with Renzi, Calenda and others of these here … I want to go to the government with the center-right and the important thing is that the coalition is strong. If my goal were to drain allies’ consensus, it would not be a very smart thing, because changing the order of the addends does not change the result … I don’t care about internal competition … ”, he assures Melons.

For Enrico Letta next year’s policies “will be elections in which there will be no third options or nuances: either we or there will be the right and we cannot allow the country to fall into the hands of Salvini and Melons – he says on the occasion of the electoral meeting in Lodi, in support of the candidate for mayor Andrea Furegato – And we cannot allow those who did not want that investment strategy (the Pnrr, ed) to manage it. It would be the most sensational contradiction we would ever see. The PNRR, the others voted against. They voted against in all European fora. The Italians are not the forgetful ones of Collegno. “To then conclude:” The match in Lodi has national relevance. Lodi counts much more than Milan for a reason: on Sunday in Italy 26 provincial capital cities vote. This is the big vote before the policies and it is no coincidence that the other time we lost and then we lost the policies. Winning in Lodi means winning next year’s political elections – comments the secretary dem – Of these six provincial capitals, we won only six, losing Lodi. Monday is very important to give a signal of growth, the sign of the strategy of growth put in place, with many female candidates and many young candidates “.

Guerra, Covid and Pnrr: what would change by extending the term until May 2023

by Giovanna Casadio

The administrative on Sunday 12 June, in fact. “I am very optimistic about Sunday’s results – says the League’s Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti – The center-right in my opinion will establish itself as the majority force in the country. Then there is of course the competition within the coalition but this seems natural to me like all things in politics “he adds referring to yesterday’s embrace between Salvini and Melons. “We must have a great sense of responsibility because the moment is also complicated from an economic and social point of view if we look forward to everything that is happening, so we must rise to the occasion and I think we will be”, continues the number two of the League. .

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