• June 8, 2023

Mancini: “It’s not a rematch with England”. Tonali: “On your knees before the game”

Wolverhampton – “Yes, before the game we will kneel.” To say it is Sandro Tonali one of the leaders – but if you tell him he will shy away – of Mancini’s new Italy. The Milan midfielder, who at the stadium Molineux of Wolverhampton should return to the blue midfield holder, announces that the team – which at the European Championships only knelt down if their opponents did – is ready to replicate the gesture against racism that the English national team makes before each match.

Mancini: “It’s not a rematch with England”

A match in which 24 hours after the kick-off, Roberto Mancini has only one certainty. “Scamacca is the center forward “. And therefore Italy will lean on him for a match that, in these parts, the English journalists candidly define” the revenge “. Wembley Mancini disagrees with the definition: “It could be. But it is a slightly different game, we will have many young players and they too will try something new for the World Cup. Among other things, it is played here, behind closed doors, in a stadium where England does not play regularly. ”

Southgate: “Playing behind closed doors is embarrassing for a country like England”

by our correspondent Enrico Currò

Mancini to Kane: “We favorites at the World Cup? I hope he was wrong”

Someone turned up their nose when Harry Kane, one of the symbols of England, declared that he sees Italy among the favorites for the World Cup: there are those who have read it as a provocation, given that Italy did not qualify. Here, too, Mancini says melina: “I think he was wrong. I think, but I have no idea. I, on the other hand, think that England, Germany, Spain will be the favorites, there are four or five”. Also because “England has many top players, it is impossible to say just one to stop. They have many, like Argentina or Germany”: teams that the coach does not mention by chance, given that one was an opponent in the Wembley final. and the other one already faced in Bologna will be the next opponent on Tuesday.

National, young people accuse: “The clubs let us play more, we here thanks to Mancini”

by Enrico Currò

The coach’s promise: “All the youngsters will make their debut”

It is difficult to say which team will be: it is right to expect some news: “We have to see how those who have played two games in a row are doing. It is clear that if we could manage not to upset everything it would be better. But Cristante played two games in four days and we there is another in three days. That is a particular role, there we have him, Esposito and perhaps Locatelli “. So, probable new beginnings: “We would like to make their debut all the new ones, they have been with us for 20 days, they have been good, they have behaved well, if there is the possibility we would like everyone to play. Chancellors? He is good, he has a leg, he scores goals. , he just has to play more games in Serie A “. But the curtain will not fall on the heroes of the European Championship: “They will return, perhaps as early as September, if we play the qualifiers for the finals. We will try to win them all but we can do some defeats. In my opinion some of these guys here together with the Europeans make a good team “.

“A ridiculous situation has been created around Gattuso, he will do great things”

Finally, two thoughts towards two old friends: “A Balotelli I love, in November there was a time when he could have come back, now let’s look at younger guys. “The other is towards a colleague:” I wanted to wish good luck to Gattuso, a ridiculous situation was being created around him. I hope he does great things at Valencia. “

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