List of pro-Putin, Gabrielli: “From intelligence no desire to file people”

List of pro-Putin, Gabrielli: "From intelligence no desire to file people"

In the morning he issued a very hard note defending the work of the Intelligence on the so-called pro-Putin list for counter information. Then in the early afternoon the Undersecretary of State with responsibility for Security, Franco Gabriellivideo connected to the Multifunctional Hall of the Prime Minister because “positive for Covid”, during the press conference he went into detail: “The activity is reconnaissance, it has nothing to do with intelligence activity. Nothing that can be identified with the filing and the dossieraggio “, he said speaking of the bulletin of the Dis on the Russian disinformation declassified today.

“The document arrived in the hands of journalists not because it came down from heaven, it was edited on June 3, the same timing suggests that there was a diligent hand. The very fact that a classified document that had to remain within the scope of availability of the speakers was released is a very serious thing. And nothing will go unpunished – observed Gabrielli – We owe it to the country and to the credibility of a sector. We will have to give adequate answers “. It’s still. “The report was known to the staff, the 4 bulletins had never highlighted particular significant emergencies which were specifically represented by me to the Prime Minister. The report was sent to Copasir. It was registered on June 3 and Copasir received the 6 “.

On Franco’s announcement Gabrielli to declassify the bulletin on disinformation, the result of a table coordinated by Dis, which provoked a strong controversy, Copasir sources expressed “their satisfaction with the decision taken” and the president of the Committee, Adolfo Urso, “just noted the contents of the document had advised the Authority source of the classification to declassify it to immediately put an end to any controversy “.

Copasir president Urso: “War and Covid, so the Russians try to influence Italy”

by Giuliano Foschini

“The minimum wage is reserved and responds to the needs of the people involved,” said Franco Gabrielli. The issue is not about national security, he added, “but about safeguarding the people who are mentioned in the documents”. Explaining that with “two fleeting references to people” one cannot “argue that this activity has to do with the opinions of the citizens of this country”

“There is no Big Brother or Specter in Italy, no opinions are investigated” but the spotlight is on “the circulation of fake news”, he pointed out. “Opinions are always respected, what is different are fake news and their orchestration which, if ascertained, could be the subject of another type of activity”, he continued Gabrielli emphasizing that “the only antidote to propaganda is free information, everything that is a different thought is a wealth”.

The name of the former president of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Vito Petrocelli, “it does not appear in any type of investigation, just as the names contained in this bulletin do not appear. It is one thing to report statements, another to carry out an investigation”, specified the undersecretary of state with responsibility for security. “The thing that bothered me most is that there was talk of a parliamentarian as the object of the control activity. There are no journalists, not even politicians. I said it clearly”, he added, also speaking of the Salvini case: “His political responsibilities are one thing, but all this cannot fall within the activity of our Services. If only the suspicion that a parliamentarian …”, he concluded.

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