Lirosi (Coca-Cola): “At Special Olympics you learn empathy”

Lirosi (Coca-Cola): "At Special Olympics you learn empathy"

“It was a privilege to be here, what we have given is only a fraction of what we have received from these people. We had the opportunity to be in close contact with the athletes, to support them in preparing for the races. We cheered for them, we accompanied them during the awards ceremony: it was all so intense, a beautiful experience “. Words of Livia Lirosi, Data Privacy Analyst Europe at Coca-Colain these days voluntary on the occasion of the Special Olympics. “After these years in which the contact with the others has been a bit lost, it was really nice to be able to get back on the pitch and try these emotions again. These guys are capable of enriching us in a way I never imagined. “

Livia Lirosi, Data Privacy Analyst Europe at Coca-Cola

Livia Lirosi, Data Privacy Analyst Europe at Coca-Cola

According to Lyrosis “the Special Olympics they are also an opportunity to refine our ability to empathize with others in a very particular way that celebrates diversity and inclusion “. Lyrosis joined the company in 2019, but due to the pandemic she had never been able to participate in the event before. “It is an experience to be repeated because nothing like sport allows us to unite people – she continues – As an employee of the company I feel very lucky to be able to participate in such an event, it is a wonderful project that starts again. Today we are really happy and proud to be able to embrace the children and their families again in a moment of real exaltation of feelings “.

In these two years sport has suffered, athletes have suffered but above all has suffered the world of social sport. “It is a fact that must make us reflect on the importance of what is one of the most beautiful dimensions of our world, that capacity for sharing and being together – he continues Lyrosis – Going through this pandemic moment was difficult, especially for these kids who see sport as a chance to get distracted. I saw excited looks, full of joy. For the kids who participated Special Olympics together with us volunteers they were unforgettable days: moreover I had the opportunity to meet beautiful people, very sweet. Seeing the joy in their eyes for having crossed the finish line was really exciting ”. According to LyrosisFurthermore, “seeing with how much passion, pride and tenacity these guys approach the Special Olympics is a source of inspiration for us. It was a source of pride to be close to them in these days, to encourage them and celebrate with them “.

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