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THEn few know that the oldest meaning of the word kimono is what to wear: for the Japanese culture, in fact, before the traditional costume, it indicated the dress tout court. In the summer, the oriental jacket returns to its original style, and is rediscovered versatile: cover-up or dressing gown, elegant or casual, jacquard or floral, in silk or cotton. The kimono is the original substitute for the classic clothes ofSummer 2022: and the outfits to match it are fascinating and different.

On the t-shirt

Between East and West. The kimono modern in Summer 2022 goes perfectly with everyday clothes: in particular, it is perfect in combination with one t-shirt plain whitewhich enhances the characteristic print.

How to dress in June 2022: 5 outfits to welcome summer with style.

How to dress in June 2022: 5 outfits to welcome summer with style.

The contrast is accentuated by the tailored trousers: to be rediscovered in Summer 2022 also in the office, with a pair of flat leather sandals.

kimono summer 2022

Kimono and t-shirt, a stylish pair (Photo: IPA).

Like a top

There belt it is its most original and identifying detail. When closed, it transforms the kimono into a wrap top which in Summer 2022 can easily be substituted for the shirt. A look to try that reinvents the typical short women’s jacket and makes it as elegant as one blouse in silk.

kimono summer 2022

Closed kimono can replace shirt in summer (Photo: Edward Berthelot / Getty Images).

Like a dress

At the seaside or on the beach in the evening, or in the city for a cocktail party. The long kimono tied at the waist is the last It Dress to try. In this case, it is better to focus on a midi silk model. Accessories become protagonists: perfect with gods soaring and shiny sandalswhich replace the traditional flip-flops – with all due respect to the Japanese.

kimono summer 2022

A lace-up silk kimono, the dress of Summer 2022 (Photo: NCP / Star Max / GC Images)

Complete original

The dressing gown kimono, one of the pajamas more elegant. From the bedroom to the living room, the step is short: just wear the silk suit with matching trousers for a trendy look. In Summer 2022, it is better to bet on a satin suit on a dark background, elegant and refined. The soft color version is perfect for a ceremony and even as an unconventional wedding dress.

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kimono summer 2022

Full kimono pajamas, for a sophisticated evening look (Photo: Jackson Lee / GC Images).

Summer jacket

The dressing gown kimono is the most popular summer jacket in Summer 2022. Of all cardigans, the shrug from the Rising Sun is the lightest and most eclectic, and immediately gives the summer outfit aexotic allure that doesn’t hurt.

kimono summer 2022

The kimono as a summer day jacket over casual trousers (Photo: Edward Berthelot / Getty Images).

The ideal match: with jeans or chinos, or with denim shorts.


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