• June 8, 2023

How to come out: the right time, phrases and concepts to express – iO Woman

THEl pride month colors June around the world. And it tinges it with the rainbow, like the “flag of freedom”, the freedom flag, symbol of gay and lesbian pride since the 1980s. In Italy we start on 11 June in cities like Rome, Bergamo and Genoa. On June 18 they take to the streets Parma and Turinon 25 June it will be the turn of Bologna. To parade a Milan and Naples instead, we will have to wait until 2 July. In short, a dense calendar of events that, even today, in 2022, divides public opinion. Not just the straight world.

Pride month: how it was born

“There is a story, perhaps more a legend, that matches the beginning of the movement for gay rights and liberation with the death of Judy Garlandon June 22, 1969. The gay community was very affected by the incident and on June 28, after attending the funeral, he found himself in a New York bar, the Stonewall, to share a moment of pain. That night, like so many other times in the past, New York police raided to arrest and beat up anyone who did not wear suitable clothes and in line with their gender. That night though a riot started. And here the myth merges with reality. For the first time in history, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transvestites and transs rebelled against the abuses and reacted to the offenses of the agents. In 1969, homosexuality was prohibited and punished almost everywhere, even in the US », he explains Alessandro Cozzolino, Life Coach and author of “I just wanted to be happy. Homosexuality told by a homosexual “(Centauria).

The Pride message

““ We are not second-rate citizens. We are not trash, criminals, sinners or the sick. We are human beings like you“. It was and continues to be one of the main messages of Pride. This word in English means pride, but it should be interpreted more as dignity or, better yet, like contrary to the word shame. Because it is right shame is the feeling that still accompanies many non-heterosexuals today. No straight person is ashamed of being straight or is laughed at, insulted, beaten just because he is straight. For those who are not heterosexual, however, the story is quite different. And although great strides have been made in over fifty years, there is still a long way to go», Continues the Life Coach.

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How to come out

“There can’t be a rule, an instruction manual on how and when to come out. Everyone knows when the time is right and what words to use, because everyone comes from one family that is unique and unrepeatable. I would like to invite heterosexuals to make it clear to those who are not that there is no problem, it makes no differencewhich is okay. Do not force the coming out, but accompany it. Help us do not be afraid, to color the world starting from within us, a do not feel excluded. And forgive us if we don’t always manage to tell you that we need you. Help your son, brother, second floor lady’s daughter or anyone who needs it. Help us spread this message in schoolsto help children, to build and live in a world where anyone can be free, without ever hurting anyone. Help us to be what you want to be too: happy. Because “As long as you don’t hurt yourself or others, there’s no problem”. Happy Pride month to everyone and everyone », continues Cozzolino.


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