Holidays with children: where to go – PinkItalia

Holidays with children: where to go - PinkItalia

Have you decided to go on holiday to Ischia with your children and are you looking for as much information as possible to better enjoy your holidays with the little ones?

In this article we talk about the most suitable beaches for families with children and other perfect activities to never get bored, as well as giving you a couple of tips on where to stay.

The beaches of Ischia suitable for families

One of the first things you think about for a beach holiday in the company of the whole family is certainly the presence of sandy beaches in which the little ones can play in peace and without getting hurt, as it could happen on rocky beaches. Fortunately for you, Ischia has no shortage of golden sandy beaches that meet at the same time a wonderful seaideal places to spend the holidays in the name of relaxation and fun.

Among the best known examples of Ischia beaches not to be missed we have the Maronti beach, three kilometers long and considered one of the most beautiful in Italy. Follows the Sant’Angelo beacha small jewel located in a characteristic village that offers you a thousand alleys to get lost in, and the Citara beachwhose soft sand and the thousand bathing establishments equipped with all possible services offer lightheartedness and joy to families with small children. Finally, how not to mention the San Montano beachwhere the sea is particularly warm and with very shallow waters, proving to be also suitable for children.

Where to stay in Ischia with your family

After making a short list of the beaches to visit absolutely during your holiday on the island of Ischia, you will have to think about practical factors for a moment, then to where stay. In fact, especially if you have children with you, it is necessary to move in advance to choose a comfortable and convenient solutionso that the holiday is relaxing for you parents and fun for your children.

Without a doubt, when traveling with children the best option is to stay in a super-equipped hotel structure, which offers various packages to choose from, so that we can manage you according to your needs. By opting for an Ischia hotel you will find a wide offer in different areas of the islandand you will have more room alternatives, as well as being able to choose between full board to avoid having to think about booking restaurants around, or half board to manage you partially according to your preferences.

Discover the thermal baths with children

In addition to the classic family beaches that will save you on days when you want the sacrosanct dolce far niente, Ischia also offers the possibility of discover the thermal worldthanks to its water famous since the times of the Romans and the Greeks who immediately took advantage of it and noticed the healing benefits.

On the island of Ischia they exist several spasbut among the most renowned we have to name the Thermal baths of Ischiaalso equipped with a well-stocked SPA in which to relax, and the so-called spa gardens: those of Poseidon on the bay of Citara with more than twenty swimming pools, a medical center and the possibility of beauty treatments, i Mortella gardens in the municipality of Forio, one of the largest and considered a real tropical paradise, not to mention the Negombo Park of the bay of San Montano, where you will find a sea water swimming pool and a wellness center.

As you may have noticed, the hot spots not to be missed are located in the bays where the beaches are also suitable for children, which simplifies the family life on vacation: you can in fact divide the day by staying half a day on the beach and then move to the spa, so you will avoid that the children get bored and you will change the environment every now and then.

Eating in Ischia with the family

Like all islands, Ischia also has its own cuisine that it has developed over the years, taking advantage of the sea that surrounds it but also the proximity to the peninsula and the island fauna.

Here the lovers of fish dishes they will find bread for their teeth, in fact among squid, blue fish, anchovies and scorpionfish they will be spoiled for choice. At the same time, the peasant spirit of the island of Ischia gives you the Ischian rabbitto try absolutely.

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