• June 8, 2023

Hair, canola oil the ally for a strong and healthy hair (all year round) – iO Donna

LCanola oil is one of the most versatile ingredients in haircare: ideal for dry, stressed, dehydrated hair that tends to thin. H.to a very nourishing consistency because it is rich in vitamin E and omega 6 and 9 that restructure the hair. It can be used as a pre-shampoo, for a quick pack lasting a few minutes, as a mask or as a conditioner after washing.

Hair, canola oil to repair and regenerate the hair

Canola oil, an acronym for Canadian Oil Low Acid, it was first extracted from a variety of rapeseed in the 1970s by a group of Canadian researchers.

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Helps to keep health of the scalp by fighting any dehydration and irritation and promotes healthy regrowth of the hair.

Featuring a extra light texture, canola oil is also suitable for applying to the body. Thanks to its particular composition, 60% oleic acid and 20% linoleic acid, it does not grease the skin.

Anti-breakage, anti-dandruff and anti-aging: all the benefits of canola oil on the hair

Particularly rich in vitamin Ethis oil acts in two different ways on the hair: slows down the oxidative stress that causes hair loss, reinforces the roots, and repairs damaged follicles.

For this it is recognized as an effective anti-dandruff remedy: its anti-inflammatory components soothe the skin from inflammation and itching.

Hair care: the answers to the 5 most frequently asked questions

Hair care: the answers to the 5 most frequently asked questions

This precious oil it also repairs from sun damage and from those caused by urban pollution.

How to use it, including wraps and masks

Applying it is easy: just massage it on the skin with circular movements to make it absorb.

Canola oil is perfect like pre-shampoo treatment: it is left on for about twenty minutes before washing. Or on wet hair, mixed with coconut oil, restructures the lengths like a real mask.

For those who complain of a particularly dry skin, this sensory elixir is left to act under a hot towel for about a quarter of an hour. Then it rinses off.

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As a conditioner, however, it should be combined with water, and sprayed on wet hair after cleansing for an extra dose of hydration.


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