Ex Ilva, from the Council of Europe new alarm on Taranto: “‘Pollution still dangerous for health”

Ex Ilva, from the Council of Europe new alarm on Taranto: "'Pollution still dangerous for health"

The Council of Europe continues to look with concern at the pollution caused by the former Ilva of Taranto. Despite the progress made, “the authorized production level could still create a risk to public health. Compliance with national legal air pollution thresholds cannot exclude this risk”.

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This is what we read in the decision of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe after the evaluation of the information provided by the government, the NGO Strali and the lawyer of the applicants who had Italy condemned in 2019 by the European Court of Human Rights.

Specifically, Strasbourg took into account the information provided by Rome on the “progress made in 2021 in the implementation of the environmental plan adopted by the government in 2014”, and those that “show a reduction in the environmental impact of the plant and the substantial compliance of the levels of emissions in the last 4 years to the standards established by national law “.

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But the Council of Europe executive also said it was concerned about the data provided by the applicants’ lawyer on the Regional Environment Agency’s assessment of the operation of the steel plant and the risk it may still create for citizens. of Taranto and surroundings. The committee of ministers asked Rome to provide further information on the work carried out to eliminate the environmental risks caused by Ilva no later than 20 June 2023.

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By 20 October of this year, the government will have to send the documents to Strasbourg also to demonstrate that there is the possibility for citizens to obtain preventive and rehabilitation measures against a polluting industrial activity.

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