• May 28, 2023

Eni-Nigeria case, the Brescia prosecutor asks for the trial of prosecutors De Pasquale and Spadaro

The Brescia Public Prosecutor’s Office requested the indictment of the Milan deputy prosecutor and head of the International Affairs pool, Fabio De Pasqualeand of the pm Sergio Spadaro (today at the new European Anti-Fraud Prosecutor’s Office) for the crime of “refusal of official document”. The accusation is of not having deposited in 2021 evidence that would have undermined the credibility of the prosecution witnesses against Eni and which could therefore have potentially been in favor of the defendants in the trial for international corruption, which saw the oil company and its top management as defendants, and which ended on March 17, 2021 with the acquittal “because the fact does not exist” of all the defendants.

The investigation into the alleged false plot closed, Claudio Descalzi cleared: “victim of slander”

by Sandro De Riccardis

According to the Brescia investigation, coordinated by the prosecutor Francesco Pretethe prosecutors would have avoided filing those evidence that questioned the credibility of the accused-witness Vincenzo Armannathe former Eni executive who first issued accusatory statements, then retracted the accusations, and finally returned to accuse the managers of the ‘Six-legged Dog’ of having pocketed the alleged maxi bribe for the oil field in Nigeria, so retracting the previous retraction.

Eni / Amara case, the CSM hears De Pasquale and Storari for the poisons of the Milan prosecutor’s office

It was the other prosecutor in Milan, Paolo Storari, to discover and report that some of Armanna’s chats were purified of some passages that documented the payment made by the former Eni executive to the witness who would have seen the trolleys with the delivery of the millions of the bribe, the alleged secret service agent “Victor”. Chats that would not have been filed in the trial, as well as messages that questioned the genuineness of another witness. And again: the chat photos produced by Armanna with Claudio DescalziCEO of Eni, and the Eni executive Claudio Granatawho would have tried the sidetracking of the leaders of the oil giant of the investigation, but which instead – had discovered Storari – came from non-existent numbers, and the famous video in which Armanna reveals in a private meeting with the lawyer Piero Amara and the entrepreneur Ezio Bigottito prepare “an avalanche of shit” for Eni two days before going to the prosecutor’s office to report.

The poisons of Milan, Storari: “My colleagues discredit the prosecutor”. Spadaro: “Informed by him shortly before the Eni Nigeria ruling”

by Sandro De Riccardis, Luca De Vito

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