Ecological transition, on the ‘renovabilists’ Italia Nostra is with Minister Cingolani: “They are unrealists”

Ecological transition, on the 'renovabilists' Italia Nostra is with Minister Cingolani: "They are unrealists"

The Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, in a recent debate at Green & Blue Festivalafter taking stock of Italian energy policies, took the opportunity to comment on some statements made by those he defined renovabilists, about the possibility of installing 60 GW of renewable power, mainly solar and wind power, in three years, even invoking a Commissioner with full powers to skip all the authorization procedures. Affirmations of Future Electricityenergy branch of Confindustria, resumed and signed by Legambiente, WWF and Greenpeace and which the minister has defined unrealistic because they clash with the intermittent nature of renewables, the objective limits of the electricity grid and the lack of accumulators.

Green & Blue Festival, Minister Cingolani with Maurizio Molinari: Italy’s choices on energy

The resulting debate brought out the differences between environmental associations, despite the common goal of decarbonisation. Italia Nostra considers the minister’s statements to be subscribed because they go in the direction of a harmonious transition, not only focused on the energy issue but also attentive to the circular economy, natural capital and social justice.

The Association adds that the South is now saturated with wind farms and is no longer able to absorb others. The energy produced in the absence of an adaptation of the transmission network and the creation of a storage system, processes costing billions and not yet started, cannot be transferred to the places of consumption, in the North, and risks being wasted. And finally, the narrative, in vogue especially following the war, that by making the prices of bills more renewable, it is pure fantasy, the current system of determination, fixed on the highest marginal price to meet the needs of the next day, is holy.

Green & Blue Festival, Cingolani on the ecological transition: “Challenge without causing social massacre”

In the debate, as always, Italia Nostra responded to the attacks on the Superintendencies by recalling the essential contribution of these technical bodies of the State, together with the Arpa, for an ecological transition that jointly takes into account the protection of the landscape and ecosystems.

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