• May 28, 2023

Covid Italia, bulletin of 10 June 2022: 21,554 new infections and 52 deaths

There are 21,554 new Covid cases registered in the last 24 hours, against 23,042 yesterday but above all 9,429 last Friday.
The swabs processed are 170,097 (yesterday 179,127) with the positivity rate falling from 12.9% to 12.7%.
The deaths are 52 (yesterday 84). The total casualties since the beginning of the pandemic thus rise to 167,305. Intensive therapies are one less (yesterday -2) with 24 daily admissions, and there are 196 in all. In the ordinary wards there are instead 72 fewer patients (yesterday -62), for a total of 4,162. This is what emerges from the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health.

Pregliasco: “I fear a summer peak for Omicron 5”

The contribution of Omicron 5 “, the BA.5 sub-variant of Sars-CoV-2, on Covid infections,” is perhaps not yet evident in Italy. But I would fear it, and I fear it, compared to an anticipation of the rise that we expected could occur later, in the autumn-winter period. “The virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, professor at the State University of Milan, foresees a possible ‘summer peak’. heard by Adnkronos Health on the increase in incidence detected by the weekly Covid-19 monitoring of the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health.

“The current rise is certainly due to various factors”, according to the health director of the Galeazzi Institute, who emphasizes one in particular: the relaxation of restrictions: “Having had, and wanted, in a calmer epidemiological situation, to widen the meshes and increase the probability of contacts, it is clear that these occur more and every human contact – Pregliasco recalls – at this moment has a potential risk, albeit low “in terms of the severity of the pathology.

The US abolishes the covid test for entry into the country

Travelers entering the United States will no longer need a negative Covid test. The Biden administration is preparing to announce that, starting from midnight on June 12, the requirement to test for entry into the country will be removed. CNN reports this, citing some sources, according to which the official announcement is expected in the next few hours.

Japan loosens its measures and reopens its borders to Italy as well

Japan still loosens anti-Covid containment measures and reopens borders to foreign tourists for the first time in two years, although still with many limitations: the decision concerns 98 low-risk countries for Covid-19 infections, including Italy. However, the limitations remain, the limit of 20 thousand daily arrivals, moreover visitors must be part of groups organized by local or affiliated tour operators who will also require the subscription of a health policy for medical services in the country, in addition to the use of the mask. even outdoors.

Shanghai is back in lockdown

Shanghai will almost completely return to lockdown for a cycle of mass testing over the weekend: Covid cases continue to emerge, causing lockdowns and a rush for food. After the exhausting closure of two months, the plan, reported by local authorities, started from an area with few infections, but was then extended to 15 of the 16 districts, involving almost all 26 million residents.
The Municipal Health Commission reported that yesterday 6 local cases (plus 2 imported) and 5 asymptomatic (plus 4 imported) were detected: 5 infections were found outside the quarantine areas, triggering the alarm.

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