Cooking: 3 ideas to make the most of oysters

Cooking: 3 ideas to make the most of oysters

Oysters are authentic and delicious gifts of nature, because they contain all the flavor of the sea; on the market there are different types, such as Longino oysters which, in addition to being guaranteed and safe, retain all the flavor and qualities of this very special product.

Let’s go, therefore, to see the 3 ideas that can be useful to make the most of oysters and ensure that this product is enhanced to the fullest, avoiding that its highly nutritious values ​​are wasted.

Natural oysters

One of the most common ways to offer oysters is to serve them completely raw and eat them as soon as they are opened; in this way you will be able to fully savor their natural flavor which can also be embellished with the addition of a drop of lemon and pepper, an all-Italian tradition. The French, on the other hand, opt for a marinade obtained with minced shallots dipped in white vinegar; everything is poured on the oysters that will delight even the most demanding palates.

Furthermore, to best enhance them when raw, it is increasingly common to accompany them with champagne or white wines such as Muscadet, very fresh and with a sour aftertaste.

Oysters au gratin Oysters are such a versatile food that it is possible to offer it in different variations, even opting for cooking.

One of the most used and efficient techniques is represented by cooking gratin; in this case it will be sufficient to clean the shells, open them in a pan with the addition of oil and, once they are opened, the oyster must be extracted, oil and breadcrumbs added to the shell and the mollusc reinserted.

At this point, add another thin layer of breadcrumbs and oil, also adding parsley and a knob of butter; once these steps have been completed, the oysters can then be baked for 10 minutes at 180 ° C until a nice crunchy and tasty crust forms which will pleasantly contrast with the softness of the oyster.

Grilled oysters

For the more daring, cooking oysters on the grill really represents a culinary challenge, even quite original. In this case it will be necessary to have a metal grid on which the oysters, already washed and cleaned, will be placed, then placing everything on an already beautifully burning base.

It will only take a few moments and the oysters will open automatically, eventually roasting and incorporating the smoking that will give them a truly special and sublime taste.

These, therefore, are the 3 ideas for serving and making the most of oysters; whether they are served raw, au gratin or grilled, the necessary condition to achieve an optimal result is the quality of the product which must always be checked and certified, according to the regulations currently in force.

Article written by PinkItalia editorial staff

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