• May 28, 2023

Cocaine in bananas: two seizures and four arrests in two cases in Europe

The Czech police today seized a large batch of cocaine that was traveling hidden among crates of bananas delivered to several supermarkets in the country, according to what was announced on the social channels of local law enforcement agencies. In a separate case in Greece, four Britons were arrested today for attempting to smuggle drugs also using boxes of South American bananas.

“Supermarket employees have reported finding refined cocaine packaged in blocks hidden in banana boxes,” he wrote. the czech police on twitter in an accompanied post he makes pictures. “The information regarding the delivery of bananas indicates a foreign origin and therefore we have started international cooperation,” she added. According to local media, this is roughly half a ton equal to 60 million euros.

The Triple Frontera

by Carlo Bonini (editorial coordination), Laura Lucchini and Daniele Mastrogiacomo. Multimedia coordination by Laura Pertici. Gedi Visual production

Curiously today the Greek police announced the arrest of four British citizens accused of trafficking cocaine in the country, through a shipment of bananas from South America. According to the allegations, they are held responsible for introducing a total of 300 kg of cocaine into the country. The suspects were arrested in a branch of a car rental in Thessaloniki and their identity is known for now only that they come from London and Liverpool and are 38,45,48 and 52 years old.

The legendary boss of the Cali Rodríguez Orejuela cartel dies in prison in the United States

by Daniele Mastrogiacomo

In this case, the arrests would have been the result of international cooperation that involved both the American and Italian authorities. We are looking for a fifth British man who has already left the country. According to the Greek authorities, the cocaine was destined for other markets.

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