• May 29, 2023

Chiara Ferragni and Liliana Segre met: that’s why

In May the senator for life, Liliana Segre, had invited the influencer Chiara Ferragni to visit the Memorial of the Shoah. To that public appeal a meeting between the two women followed at the senator’s house.chiara ferragni meets liliana segre

Photo source: @ChiaraFerragni via Instagram

“After our telephone chats, today I had the pleasure of meeting Senator Liliana Segre in person. Her story and her determination impressed me very much” he wrote Chiara Ferragni on Instagramposting a photo that portrays them together. But what was discussed during the meeting?

Segre and Ferragni meet: what did they talk about?

“I would very much like to meet Chiara Ferragni and invite her to visit the Shoah Memorial with me” He said life senator Liliana Segre in Repubblica a few weeks ago.

In fact, according to the senator, who survived the deportation to Auschwitz, “they are still too few” the visitors to the Safra Square Memorial which remembers the victims of the holocaust in Italy. “I saw that with her husband Fedez is committed to social issues, I would like to meet you – said the senator – his example could bring many boys here “.

The appeal of the senator it therefore did not go unheardand after numerous phone calls, the two finally met: “We met around 9.30 at my house and we were together for about an hour – says, on the phone with the Corriere, Liliana Segre –. Together we have decided that we will go and visit the Memorial, privately ”.

The senator he then went on to define the time spent with the influencer “An affectionate meeting”and has described the businesswoman how “A beautiful woman and very nice in her ways, moreover, as if I were her grandmother, she also showed me photos of her beautiful children”.

But how was it born the senator’s interest in the influencer? To reveal it is the same Segre: “Spending a lot of time with my grandchildren – the senator had always said to Corriere – I understood that the world has changed. And since as well as being intelligent and with 27 million followers, Chiara Ferragni has already engaged with her husband Fedez in civil and social initiatives, I thought she was the right person to involve “.

Liliana Segre guest at Wild Moss?

It should be noted, then, that after the first invitation made by the senator to Chiara Ferragni, on social media, her husband, Fedez, responded promptlywhich had invited Liliana Segre to take part in an episode of her podcastmade together with Luis Sal, Wild Moss. “I would be happy to invite Senator Liliana Segre to our podcast Muschio Selvaggio, I hope she can accept our invitation “ He said on Instagram the singer.

However Finally, Segre politely declined Fedez’s proposal: “I thank him but I prefer to come to them in a place like the Memorial. And, given my age, I hope that the visit will take place in the near future “then concluded the senator.

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