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Britney Spears, the life of a pop star: joys and sorrows on the wave of social media

It was last December on the occasion of his 40th birthday, which Britney Spears she announced her marriage to her Iranian-born personal trainer Sam Asghari. A moment of joy for the pop star, who came out a few weeks earlier from the 13-year legal battle that had put an end to her father’s protection. Free to take back her legal rights and bank account, Britney had looked to her future dreaming of becoming a mother again and announcing the wedding with her partner. Sam Asghari, twelve years her junior. The two, engaged since 2016, have repeatedly spoken on social networks of the intention to have their own family, crowning it with the birth of a child. Within a few weeks, Britney first announced she was pregnant, then a month ago she set the wedding date but a few days later she returned to social media to share a sad moment in her life: “I lost my baby” .

Britney Spears’ ex-husband raids the singer’s wedding: the crazy Instagram direct

A whirlwind of emotions capable of exhausting anyone, but she has moved on. Everything seemed to go smoothly and finally the big day arrived, but one more unexpected threatened to ruin everything: her ex-husband, Jason Alexander, with whom she was only moved for 55 hours, broke into her residence where they were about to stay. celebrate the wedding with the firm intention of screwing everything up. The man was stopped and arrested, the ceremony went according to plan, and Britney and Sam are now happily married.

A life in the spotlight

Songwriter, dancer, TV presenter, Britney Spears is among the most talented and award-winning pop stars in pop music, having won a Grammy Award in 2005, 12 Billboard Music Awards out of 21 nominations, 6 Mtv Video Music Awards out of 28 nominations, 4 World Music Awards1 Emmy Awards1 American Music Awards. She was also given a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Enfant prodige, he performed on stage for the first time at the age of five, he studied song and dance and at 11 he entered Disney Channel. Her singing career began in 1997, at the age of sixteen, when she joined the female group Innosenseeven if the real success comes two years later with the first album … Baby one more timepublished in January 1999 and immediately to the top of the chart Billboard 200. The album reached the top of the charts in fifteen countries after just one month, selling more than ten million copies in one year.

With the second album Oops … I did it again exceeds the sales of the first and strengthens its worldwide fame, thanks also to the use of the choreographies that accompany his video clips and which became his stylistic signature. All subsequent albums, even those released under the tutelage of his father, which began in 2008, reach the top of the world charts and boast collaborations with internationally renowned artists.

Love and other disasters

Even the private life of Britney Spears is at the center of media attention, so much so that it pushes her to shoot a documentary entitled Britney: for the record, to tell his version of events. Starting with the relationship with Justin Timberlakewhich lasted 4 years, from 1998 to 2002, ended in a troubled way and told in a song by Timberlake himself, perhaps the most famous of his career, Cry Me A River.

Then the wedding with the childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander, married in Las Vegas in 2004 but canceled after 55 hours. Then the second marriage with the American rapper and dancer Kevin Federline, with whom she remained married from 2004 to 2006 and with whom she has two children, Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15. In 2007 she was admitted to a clinic in Antigua, in the Caribbean. As soon as she leaves, she shaves her hair on her own in a hair salon in Los Angeles to go out into the parking lot and umbrella an SUV. Britney Spears uses drugs, but she decides to undergo rehabilitation by spontaneously admitting to a specialized clinic.

Jamie Spears, master father

“Britney vs Spears”: the documentary on the pop star’s legal battle arrives

In 2008, after a hospitalization at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and a tso, the judges entrusted her to the protection of her father, Jamie Spears, which totally controls its assets. According to her father, she has “serious mental problems” and the protection, initially temporary, becomes permanent. A condition that, the singer confesses, turns out to be her worst prison, with her father becoming the curator of Britney’s assets and decisions (who has a fortune, it is still estimated, of sixty million dollars) and even decides the color of the his kitchen and the people he can talk to on the phone. Then a legal and media battle begins to take back her life that has been going on for thirteen years. Last November Last November 12, the judge of the Supreme Court of Los Angeles, Brenda J. Penny, decides to cancel the legal guardianship of the father. “The best day of my life” exclaims Britney with joy along with her boyfriend, celebrated by a crowd of fans in front of the courthouse. A few weeks later, on December 2, he celebrates her 40th birthday, and a new life begins for her.

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