• May 28, 2023

Bonaccini: “Parma decides on the airport. The Region does not impose”

“Parma and its citizens will decide on the airport, the Region does not decide”.

President Stefano Bonaccini says it from the stage in Piazza Garibaldi, where he went up Thursday evening to support the candidate for mayor Michele Guerra in the last rally before the election silence.

Bonaccini therefore touches on one of the central themes of the campaign for the Municipalities that is drawing to a close, while on the other side of the square a group of no-cargo protesters raises their voices.

The future of the city will be decided on Sunday by the voters: “We are one step away, let’s not give up. We must not leave any stone unturned in these last hours. Let’s talk about our program to the undecided who still have to choose who to vote, let’s not let it increase the abstention which represents the greatest scourge of the elections “, incites Guerra and the square responds in chorus” Michele – Michele “.

Elections in Parma, Guerra closes the electoral campaign in the streets: “Those who put the city on their knees don’t come back”

On the sidelines of his speech, Bonaccini also replied on the financing of 12 million ministerial funds that the Region has planned for the extension of the Verdi runway: “Those resources were requested of us by Parma and were destined for that intervention. what city wants to do. We are people who do not impose but decide, which is another thing, and usually we always decide together with the territories “.

A stance that therefore leaves open the possibility, already proposed in recent days by Vice President Elly Schlein and taken up by Guerra himself, of evaluating another use of the funds.

Elections, all mayor candidates in Parma no cargo. Guerra: “Important statements from Schlein on regional funds”

by Arianna Belloli

“It was an intense, exciting campaign, we were on the streets, in the markets, in the squares where we met many citizens. Now we want to be chosen because we are the right people to guide the city with competence and reliability in the coming years”, he said. called War.

“Parma has emerged in the last ten years from a very difficult, almost impossible path, it was on the verge of an economic crisis with more than 800 million in debt. The two mandates of Mayor Pizzarotti have allowed the city to reposition itself and regain the dignity it deserves. . And today there are those who, in an anomalous way, come back making Parma a strange case or even to think about. For our part, we have built an innovative, compact and cohesive political field that has created a harmonious program, within which there are all the issues that interest the city of today and the next 20 years “.

Together we repeated, wherever we were, a concept that is simple, but which makes me strongly responsible: ‘I have chosen the future’. I have chosen the future and I am not going back. The future of quality, of sharing, of well-being for all, of a Parma national pride, hardworking, attentive, dignified and proud, far from the shame we had to feel when our city was brought to the brink of bankruptcy and under police commission. The future that, as mayor, I will build from within a coalition rich in ideas, collaborative, unprecedented, which makes skills and reliability its first banner “, concluded the candidate of the United wins the Parma coalition.

“In this electoral campaign – underlined in a note the municipal secretary of the Democratic Party Michele Vanolli – we had to listen to the historical revisionism of a torn right that tells of a good administration that never existed. Salvini himself confirmed it just a few hours ago. ago: citing Parma as an example of a rift on the right, he let himself go to what seems to be a real regret, calling into question the leader of FdI Giorgia Meloni who, unlike the secretary of the League, can say that she was coherent”.

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