• June 8, 2023

Before Matano, Imma Battaglia: “Eva Grimaldi and I also chose Labico for the big day”

It has all the credentials to become the wedding of the year, the one between Alberto Matano And Riccardo Mannino. The conductor de Life live49 years old and the lawyer of the Supreme Court Riccardo Mannino55 years old, are currently engaged in the general rehearsal of the ceremony that will be officiated on Sunday 11th by Mara Venier to Labìcoon the outskirts of Rome, in the resort of the “starred” chef Antonello Colonna, in the heart of the Castelli Romani and immersed in the natural park of Labìco: twelve rooms with vegetable garden, restaurant, thermal pool and wellness center. A location that is defined in no uncertain terms as “wonderful”, by those who were lucky enough to be able to say their “yes” in the magnificent setting of the Roman countryside, as they did in 2019 Imma Battaglia and Eva Grimaldi.

“The structure is a wonderful place, an enchanted modern castle – says Imma Battaglia on the phone – A place where you immerse yourself in nature and nature fills you because Antonello’s structure, despite being made of concrete, is neutral. The beauty is given by the place. . You enter a magical world where you feel all tension disappear “.

And what role does Antonello Colonna play?

“He is a perfect master of ceremony. He pampers you in every moment and tells you what nature is and what it produces at every moment to make life happy from the moment you wake up: have breakfast with first salt, fresh ricotta, white hen, red pizza. And then the jams, fruit juices, fresh fruit, pies. Everything you taste is made by local farmers. A wonderful thing, an immersive experience at 360 degrees “.

How was your wedding?
“What happened between me and Eve was a miracle and I want to put this Christian charge into it. We arrived two days earlier and it was raining without interruption. We had 250 people invited and we wanted to do something outdoors in nature. When it started when it rained we had to improvise a plan B with Colonna and our wedding planner Enzo Miccio. But it all happened without any tension. Labico contaminates you with joy, you let yourself be pampered by Antonello and the staff, like a baby in a cradle. mirror of our love “.

Marriage Matano, the mayor of Labìco speaks: “I will bring the tricolor sash to Mara Venier”

by Giovanni Gagliardi

What was the backup plan?

“They were setting up the ceremony inside, but the room is small, the guests were our friends who wanted to share that moment and staying in a smaller place would have prevented anyone from attending. The phase in which we waited for the sun was very nice. We asked Antonello what he expected for the weather and he replied: “Let’s hear the farmer”, and the farmer said he had faith “.

And then?
“At a certain point the sun came out. And Miccio asks: what do we do? And Colonna’s answer was: ‘The farmer says he has faith in nature’. And when we went out there were not one, but two rainbows so intense and close to us, so strong that we were all speechless. Eva and I knew that they were our parents who were no longer there. It was a magic that you can only experience in Labìco “.

And how did you manage the menu?
“We also gave the chef carte blanche. I remember there was an appetizer of cod cream with divine pate, two first courses, the suckling pig in sauce with mustard and figs. All very good”.

What about the cake?

“The Imma cake was created by the Andreotti pastry shop: sponge cake, yellow cream, chocolate flakes and strawberries. Colonna called Miranda Andreotti and told her: ‘Mrs. Miranda, I found the flavors of when I was a child: your cake it was wonderful. ”

Would you like to congratulate Alberto Matano and Riccardo Mannino?

“I wish them to have our same joy, because we were all very happy”.

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