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TOthey all come from Europe i animated films and TV series which we will see next on Netflix. It starts in December with the reinterpretation in key musical of the eternal Christmas story starring him grumpy Scrooge and with That Christmas, based on the successful children’s book series by Richard Curtisdirector of Four weddings and a funeral.

There is also Italy with Mermaid Magicnext episodic adventure created by the dad of Winx Iginio Straffi and with the new project by Zerocalcare. Sergio Pablosdirector of the beloved Klaus, is preparing his second job (Ember) and will make seven talk about themselves hairy bearsa family of tyrannosaurs, a lineage of werewolves and a group of stray cats that will pretend to be domestic to carry out the robbery of the century.

Netflix: the new animated films coming out

Ember (Spain)

This is the new project of the director of the beloved Klausthe first animated Christmas movie by brand Netflix. This time the candidate at the Oscar and BAFTA winner Sergio Pablos leads us in an adventure epic through the eyes of the young man Dikika. It’s up to him to race against time and to a distant volcano for save his tribe bringing home the fire.

netflix upcoming animated movies and tv series such as

“Ember”. (The SPA Studios)

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol (United Kingdom)

A new appointment with Charles Dickens and its Scrooge. The story of Christmas par excellence is reborn in a new one adaptation, this time musical. The irascible Scrooge has only the eve to face his past and build a better future. The songs are written by two-time Oscar winner Leslie Bricusse. The appointment is obviously in December.

netflix upcoming animated movies and tv series such as

“Scrooge: To Christman Carol”. (Timeless Films)

That Christmas (United Kingdom)

The film is based on Richard Curtis’ successful children’s book series (Four weddings and a funeral) and marks the directorial debut of the famous character animator and story artist Simon Ottoauthor of the trilogy of How to Train Your Dragon. That Christmas speak out of love and loneliness, family, friends and Santa Claus who made a serious mistake. The feature film is completely in computer graphics.

netflix upcoming animated movies and tv series such as

“That Christmas”. (Courtesy of Locksmith Animation)

Animated film by Steve Box (France)

From director Steve Box (Wallace & Gromit – The Curse of the Were-Rabbit) comes an original family movie. Struggling to live on the proceeds of theirs somewhat bizarre robberies and low performance, Tibbles and his band of Stray cats they are forced to go undercover to organize the biggest robbery of their life. A clause: they will have to pretend what they most despise, sweets animals domestic.

netflix upcoming animated movies and tv series such as

A Steve Box film. (Superprod Animation)

The animated series coming out on Netflix

Bad Dinosaurs (UK / Spain)

A trip from thrill in the Mesozoic from a family of tyrannosaurs who must face the trials of life and overcome the dangers of the wilderness. Based on a series of online short films successful, Bad Dinosaurs is directed by the award-winning and Oscar nominee Simone Giampaolo.

netflix upcoming animated movies and tv series such as

“Bad Dinosaours”. (Snafu Pictures)

There is also Mermaid Magic (Italy) on Netflix

From the creator of the Winx Iginio Straffi comes a series made in Italy on a mermaid adolescent, and moreover princess, named Merlinda who leaves his underwater world for the earth. Here you will have to find one magical source to defeat the evil forces that aim at destroy his kingdom above and below the waves.

netflix upcoming animated movies and tv series such as

“Mermaid Magic”. (Rainbow SPA)

The Seven Bears (France)

THE Seven Bears form an adorable pack of furballs that will revolutionize the fairy tales that everyone thinks they know. The series is based on the acclaimed graphic novels by Emile Bravo.

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netflix upcoming animated movies and tv series such as

“Seven Bears”. (Folivari)

Wereworld (United Kingdom)

netflix upcoming animated movies and tv series such as

“Wereworld”. (Netflix)

Based on the books by Curtis Jobling, the series is a fantasy adventure which follows Drew Ferran, a boy who at 18 discovers he is the last of one lineage of werewolves and legitimate ruler of a land ruled by Werelords. Drew will have to fight to abolish the tyranny of the Lionlords and reclaim the throne.


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