Vasco at the Circus Maximus on 11 and 12 June. The new single ‘L’Amore amore’ arrives

Vasco at the Circus Maximus on 11 and 12 June.  The new single 'L'Amore amore' arrives

After the Neapolitan night Vasco Rossi prepares for the intense Roman weekend of the Circus Maximus. Where the long tour (11 dates) that will end in Turin on June 30 will be a stop over the weekend. Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 June two sold out dates for 140,000 spectators as well as the entire tour for 676,000 tickets divided between those who bought them a few months ago and those who have kept them for three years since the pandemic. Meanwhile the new single comes out tomorrow Love lovewith a live video recorded in Trento, the place of the first tour date.

Vasco Rossi in concert in Trento: the live comeback is a success

The songs of the last album are almost all there, the first is XI commandment and the last is the title track We are here. The others are distributed over the two and a half hours of concert, in the first ten, the hit Rain on Sundayshere in the original version (the one with Marracash is on digital platforms for Save the Children) and fluid rock Love love. Unreleased in concert because they have never yet been able to be performed live are the recent ones: If I could tell you (2020) and A love song thrown away (2021).

In the lineup also songs fished out from the glowing 80s: Love helpBlasco ’82 doc, a masterpiece of irony, never sung live before (from the album I go to the max, 40 years this year). The playful I’ll cut your throatmuch loved cult track (from the album What happens in the city’85). movefrom Free Free. A precious one Toffee with an evocative sax solo (which recalls the original by What happens in the city). The ballads of Blasco for dreaming, intense and melancholic: A sense, wonderful, we are alone, without words (the clip that the live director Pepsy Romanoff has created for the big screens: the book Vasco’s version it burns in reverse, it recomposes itself from the ashes because the words remain).

In the second part I return to reality, “hard” like the sequence of songs: You are angry with me, Some say no with which he reiterates his “fuck the war! Stop the war! ” and the very latest You shoot him over in solidarity with those who – are suffering from a war that has no meaning at all. (a gigantic metaphorical tentacular octopus appears). In theory the concert ends with We are here. In reality there is a third party where the climate becomes intimate, with Close upsets of the third kind, change at the bottom: it goes down Andrea Torresaniand salt Claudio Golinelli, guest star. And then again Sally (the images of five women of five different nationalities will speak on the big screens). For the final fireworks: It’s just us, reckless life, song And Clear dawn. What if not?

The band consists of Stef Burns on the guitar, Pastano wins (guitar, choirs, musical director), Andrea Torresani on bass, with Claudio Golinelli, Alberto Rocchetti (keyboards, piano, backing vocals), Frank Nemola (backing vocals, keyboards, programming), Matt Laug on drums, Beatrice Antolini (percussion, keyboards, choirs), Andrea Ferrario on sax, Tiziano Bianchi on the trumpet and Roberto Solimando on the trombone.

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