• May 29, 2023

Ufo, NASA joins the research and study on the Uap phenomenon

“Observations of events that cannot be identified as known planes or natural phenomena” occur in the American skies, and so NASA has also decided to join the research on the UFO / UAP phenomenon. This was announced by Thomas Zurbuchen, head of the direction of the scientific mission of NASA, during a speech at the National Academy of Science, Medicine and Engineering.

US, the Navy confirms: “The videos showing UFOs in flight are authentic”


NASA will have its own team dedicated to studying the phenomenon which in recent years has seen an increase in attention from the media and public opinion, after the three videos published in 2017 by the New York Times that the Pentagon has officially declared ” unidentified objects “. In June 2021, the US Defense presented an official report on the UAP, which cataloged more than 140 flying objects that the Pentagon was unable to identify. Key point of the report, the declared impossibility of the Defense to verify that these objects were of aerospace technological provenance advanced by countries such as China or Russia. Same impossibility of proving other types of origin, therefore also extraterrestrial.

The Pentagon UFO Alert: “A Security Threat”

by our correspondent Paolo Mastrolilli

The role of the space agency will be to give a scientific perspective to what is already under consideration at the Pentagon and in intelligence agencies, explains Zurbuchen, specifying that the study program is controversial but it is a task in which NASA must participate. The announcement comes after the first public hearing in 50 years held in Congress, in which Pentagon members have reported to parliamentarians on analyzes concerning the phenomenon, which should be followed by other meetings.

Ufo, on the radar of the American ship Omaha dozens of objects surround it and then disappear. The Pentagon: let’s examine the video

by Tiziano Toniutti

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