• May 28, 2023

Tommaso Zorzi launches the “Tailor made” challenge: 10 tailors to conquer the world of fashion – iO Donna

Lto tailoring as it has not yet been told. It is the new challenge of Tailor Made – Who’s got what it takes?6 episodes dedicated to the world of tailoring June 28 on discovery +. Leads the talent Tommaso Zorziaccompanied by Elide Morelli and Cristina Tardito, judges. Thus Zorzi’s adventure in the Warner Bros. Discovery group continues. Tailor Made it is in fact his third programafter Drag race Italy – where he will also judge the second edition – e This is my home where he holds the role of landlord.

The protagonists of Tailor Made are 10 amateur tailorswhich with cuts and sewing, but with a good dose of creativity, will give life to different clothes from time to time to beat the competition and amaze the judges. The goal is to demonstrate that you have the skills to transform passion into a real job. For the winner up for grabs one internship at a company leader in the fashion industry, professional equipment to open the first atelier e a supply of fabrics to create the first collection.

Tailor Made – Who’s got what it takes?The Judges

For fans of haute couture Morelli is a weighty namewith his 53 years spent within Valentino. Belated instead it followed a different path: it was creative director for several brands famous, until he founded his own brand, Kristina TI. They are two women who they know fashion and hard work well that hides behind every dress.

Tailor Made - Who's got what it takes?  when Tommaso Zorzi, Elide Morelli, Cristina Tardito begins

Tommaso Zorzi with Elide Morelli and Cristina Tardito. (Discovery)

The 10 protagonist tailors: who are they?

Alessandra is a 61-year-old woman, she comes from Bologna, where he initially worked some knitwear companies, and then completely changed the sector. Despite this, the passion for sewing continued to paw and participate in the program on the advice of the child. In his life there is also space for volunteering and he hopes that participation in the talent show will give her the opportunity to start a sewing course for battered women.

Cira, on the other hand, is 43 years old, has three children and is from Naples. Her greatest passions are cooking and sewing, who trains every day navigating between stoves and needle and thread. She would like to start a ceremonial dress workshop. Daniele is 35 years old, he is Roman, and the passion for tailoring is a family tradition, handed down from the grandmother. In the past you worked in London.

Elisa, 38, is a Venetian woman with a great passion for fashion. After working in some luxury shops, with the onset of the pandemic she decided to reinvent herself and cultivate the dream of becoming a professional seamstress. Gianluca is 29 years old, he was born in Brindisi, but has lived in Turin for ten. Her dream is to create her own brand and every moment is useful to dedicate herself to sewing.

Tailor Made - Who's got what it takes?  the 10 tailors competing

The 10 contestants of “Tailor Made – Who has what it takes?”. Standing from left: Cira, Iris, Giovanni, Alessandra, Elisa, Daniele. Seated from left: Gianluca, Lia, Nagu and Tommaso. (Courtesy press office Discovery)

The cast also includes painters, economists and fashion students

Giovanni comes from Sicily, a forty-six year old lover of painting and writing. He expresses his art through clothes and dreams of opening a shop where he can sell his creations. The youngest among the participants of Tailor Made – Who’s got what it takes? it’s Iriseighteen year old fashion student, with particular regard to eco-sustainability and recycling.

Lia is the cosmopolitan of the cast of the show. She is 28, she is Vietnamese, but she graduated from England. There he bought the first sewing machine almost out of necessity: in the UK he had to adapt each garment to his body, too small compared to the English sizes. He arrived in Milan three years agojust to attend a fashion course and pursue her dream: create costumes for television productions.

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Yet, Nagu, 24, is of Indian descent and was adopted by a family from Modena six years ago. As a child, in India, he collected objects on the street to modify them and transform them into something new. He attended a sewing school and would like to work in an atelier that he sets himself the goal of innovating men’s fashion. in the end, Thomas. 21 years old, she is a former professional swimmer. During his university years, he discovered that his true passion is fashion. Today he works as a salesman and dreams of becoming a fashion designer.


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