The video of La Dolce Vita by Fedez, Tananai and Mara Sattei

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It is now quite clear: the summer hit of 2022 it is undoubtedly the new song of the unusual trio Fedez, Tananai and Mara Sattei, The sweet life. In less than a week it has reached almost 3 million plays on Spotifyand his official video clip, published one day on YouTube, in addition to having climbed the ranking of social trendshe collected in 24 hours 1.3 million views. fedez tananai mara sattei la dolce vita text

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The setting of the video is undoubtedly impressive, colorful and inspired by the holidays of the 60sas the title suggests, which takes up the 1960 film of the same name Federico Fellini, The sweet life. But let’s find out more.

The video clip of La Dolce Vita is viral like the song

The video that in a few hours has depopulated on YouTube, produced by, wants to pay homage to the roaring 60s with the aesthetics, the mood and the holiday atmosphere that reigned at the time.

The boys and girls have fun dancing the twist on the beach of Rimini and in Fedez, Tananai and Mara Sattei Alessia Lanza also joineda much loved content creator on social media.

La Dolce Vita, the song that made Fedez pick up the microphone in his hand

“3 days before the operation for the pancreas removal I decided to go to the studio to record the voices of this song I was working on before my life changed so abruptly” writes Fedez in one of his Instagram posts to comment on the release of his new piece.

“I think I did it a bit to distract myself from everything that was happening to me but also because I would not have known the conditions following the surgery and if I would ever be able to sing in the short term.” The singer continues, telling the background of the dark period he has just experienced.

“In the text I say” life without love will never do me good “and never as in those days as today this phrase could very well be my little mantra. And as soon as I was released, the same day I went back to the studio with Leo. I shared with him the whole process of arranging and closing the piece precisely because “life without love, tell me what life is”. “

And then Fedez adds: “The birth of this song made me understand how important music is in my life, how much it is almost a vital need, the deepest part of me and I want to dedicate it to my wife, my beautiful children and all the people who live there. they worked. – Concluding then he states – Because without them I would never have found the strength to turn on that microphone. “

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