The serial thief of luxury watches has been caught in Milan: with the technique of ripping three thefts in the center

The serial thief of luxury watches has been caught in Milan: with the technique of ripping three thefts in the center

His area of ​​action was the fashion district. Before, he followed the victims, often wealthy foreign tourists, waiting for them to reach back roads that were not particularly frequented. Once he was sure he was away from prying eyes, he attacked them from behind and, with force, snatched precious luxury watches from their wrists, worth tens of thousands of euros. Finally he ran away, making him lose track of him in seconds. A 32-year-old of Algerian origin arrested in recent days by agents of the Investigation Team of the Commissariat Center, in the Vittorio Emanuele II gallery, was held responsible for one robbery and two thefts with ripping, in the last five months alone. The robbery dates back to the beginning of the year, in particular on 11 January. The 32-year-old, after following the victim, a Mexican citizen for about a kilometer, attacked her from behind, in via Andegari, snatching a gold Patek Philippe worth 100,000 euros from her wrist.

Despite being taken by surprise, the victim tried to resist and oppose the strength of his attacker, but there was nothing to be done and after a few minutes, the robber had the upper hand. The second episode dates back to May 21 last. This is the theft with the tear from a Turkish citizen of a Patek Philippe model Aquanaut 5968a watch, worth about $ 275,000, which took place in via Baguttino, also in the city center. The latest and most recent was committed on May 31st in via Manzoni against an Indonesian citizen. The man was walking when the 32-year-old approached from behind and snatched a Patek Philippe watch, model “5167 Steel Aquanaut” with a commercial value of 100,000 euros.

Three other Algerian citizens, aged 20, 21, 26, were arrested for similar incidents on 3 June by agents of the Investigation Team of the Central Commissariat, in Foro Buonaparte. Shortly before the arrest they were in via Montenapoleone looking for new victims. Against them there are serious indications of guilt regarding a robbery also committed in the Quadrilatero della moda area last May 22nd. Here is the dynamic: they first stationed themselves in via Borgonuovo in search of potential victims. They therefore first stalked and violently snatched a Rolex Daytona watch worth 40,000 euros from a foreign tourist. The woman, overwhelmed by the action of the three men, then fell to the ground, injuring her side, knee and arm. The three fled but were tracked down thanks to the numerous video recordings of the area, which allowed the policemen of the Central Commissariat to trace their identity.

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