• May 28, 2023

The footballers of the US national team and the champions of equal pay – iO Donna

Antonella Baccaro

Antonella Baccaro (photo by Carlo Furgeri Gilbert).

H.did a lot of talking the news of the US women’s national soccer teams that will receive the same compensation as the malesthanks to the agreement concluded between the United States Soccer Federation and the athletes’ representatives.

The result was achieved by granting a raise to all athletes. But certainly more women will benefit from it, given that winning a qualifying match for the World Cup will mean for them going from the current $ 6,750 to as much as 24 thousand.

While men will rise to the same amount, starting from the current 18 thousand dollars.

On the news, the comment that struck me most was the one written by Alessandro De Nicolaa well-known liberal economist, who explains how what happened for footballers is not a result that can be extended to other categories.

The reasons, explains the professor, are manifold: equal pay concerns only the national team and not the clubs; soccer in the US has become famous thanks to female soccer players, where the most popular sport for men is soccer.

But the most important reason is the sponsorships that have greatly rewarded the girls of US footballextensively remunerating the events organized by the Federation.

In short, it is the reasoning, if the girls attract earnings it is right that a part of these come back to them. If this is the case, De Nicola reasons, the recriminations of the athletes of other sports are not justified who do not have the same audience as their male colleagues.

The conclusion for the liberal economist is almost a foregone conclusion: “The market for gender equality opportunities does much more than any planning bureaucrat could ever imagine.”

We take the liberty of saying that precisely because this is not the case, there are constraints that the “planning bureaucrat” must imagine. If the market in companies were enough to equalize women’s wages with men’s wages, we would certainly not complain about having, for the same skills, equal treatment.

Unless you think that women expect to be paid for what they can’t do. It is not yet the time for liberalism without “limitism”.

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