Solar 2022: the new formulas that protect the sea, in the mountains and in the city – iO Donna

Solar 2022: the new formulas that protect the sea, in the mountains and in the city - iO Donna

S.they are all the same, yet this is not the case: it is not just a question of SPF. THE solar 2022 they have specific formulations, vegan and biodegradable for those who go to sea, water resistant for those who do sportto total screens for those who challenge the mountain peaks, but also with active anti-pollution for those who stay in the city. To each the of her.

Solar 2022, effective in the city, at the sea and in the mountains

Are solar panels used in the city? Yup. Although it depends on lifestyle: if you go out early in the morning and tend to work indoors, protection is not needed. The situation is different if you spend a lot of time on the computer or if you have the desk next to the window: in both cases, the solar should be applied.

solar 2022

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Indeed the glasses – even the double ones – let UV rays penetrate. They only partially shield the UV-Bwhich stimulate the melanin thus making you tan, but not the UV-A responsible for epidermal damage to collagen, hence the appearance of wrinkles.

Total shields against UVA, UVB and infrared

«In the light of the sun they are present in great quantities blue-violet light radiation, especially when the sky is clear; these rays are capable of penetrate the skin layers even deeper than UV rays. Loaded with energy, they cause oxidative stress and are capable of alter cells from the first hour of exposure “explains Daniel Redoules, specialist in biomolecular chemistry and scientific director of Eau Thermale Avène.

This is why the new solar panels also protect from blue-violet light up to 450mm, thus ensuring the maximum protection from photoaging damage.

At the sea and in the mountains, solar power is indispensable whether you are constantly exposed to the sun, or if you are a lover of shade. In fact, just think that 50% of the rays still manage to tan via reflected light.

The new environmentally friendly solar formulas

The solar problem in summer is not only related to the SPF to choose, but to their impact on the environment.

How to prepare your skin for the sun

How to prepare your skin for the sun

Sunscreens are known to have an impact on water pollution and on marine life: studies conducted in more recent years by several world universities, including that of Hong Kong, have calculated that annually about 14 thousand tons of sunscreen end up in the water, with often irreparable damage to the marine ecosystem.

The filters that are best avoided

In the new solar formulations there are physical or mineral filterssuch as thezinc oxide, that make the formulas more and more respectful of the ecosystem of the seastherefore biodegradable, with no impact on corals, phytoplankton and zooplankton.

Not a detail, considering that alHawaii, from January 2021, the use of all the protections they contain is prohibited by law oxybenzone and octinoxate, also known as oxybenzone And octyl methoxycinnamate, that damage not only the sea but also the beaches.

The protections for those who play sports

Because of the combination of saltsweat, physical exertion, the skin irritations If sports in the summer can be frequent.

This is why the choice of “sports” sunscreen is important: they usually have dedicated formulas that guarantee high protection, resist water and sweat thanks to particular technologies that enhance their effectiveness in contact with liquids.

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They also often give immediate freshness, prevent dehydration skin without greasing and redness due to rubbing with technical fabrics. In short, there is a solar for all needs. And holidays.


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