Royal Family, there is a boom in followers on social media after the Jubilee – iO Donna

Royal Family, there is a boom in followers on social media after the Jubilee - iO Donna

LThe Jubilee effect is felt on the Royal Family’s social networks. Determined to take advantage of the moment of great popularity that followed the celebrations for Elizabeth’s 70th anniversary, fills Instagram and Twitter with spontaneous shots. Like Hollywood stars do. To show that, “behind the scenes”, the Royals of England are just like us.

The Royal Family is increasingly followed (and smart) on social networks

Once those informal shots would have remained private but from William and Kate to Eugenia of York and Mike and Zara Tindall, the four days of the Platinum Jubilee were an opportunity to reveal the most playful and intimate aspect of the royal family, with relaxed poses, big laughs and lots of hugs. A formula that is proving particularly popular.

Kate Middleton tells herself more and more on Instagram

It was Kate, 40, who started the trend, with photos of her three children at Trooping The Color last Thursday. Louis was the absolute protagonist with faces and whimsand the Duchess admitted it herself in a message on Instagram: “We had a great time, especially Louis.”

Prince Louis' show at the Platinum Jubilee Parade

Prince Louis' show at the Platinum Jubilee Parade

A series of images in particular, which portray Kate in the kitchen at Anmer Hall with George, 8, Charlotte, 7, and Louis, 4, preparing cakes and pastries, collected hundreds of thousands of like.

Eugena of York cuts Kate Middleton away: a distraction?

Eugenia of York, 31, also had a great time posting photos of little August in the Royal gallery, in the arms of his father Jack, on the occasion of the final Jubilee parade, and various images of private parties organized for the occasion.

But the princess caused some furor after posting a photo of the regina Elizabeth on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, alongside Carlo, William and the little Cambridge. Kate was there too, but Eugenia left her out. Did she do it on purpose?

Zara and Mike Tindall, the coolest

Thanks to photos like those of Mike Tindall, 43, immortalized in the days of the Jubilee wearing hats and fascinatedr fiorati of his wife Zara, 41 and daughter of Princess Anna, the couple attracted 50,000 more followers.

Mike and Zara Tindall (Getty Images)

Also because the two do not scruple to reveal details of the events, but being careful not to reveal too much. Just enough to intrigue the fans.

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