• May 28, 2023

Rai thoughts and hair. Conte, the perfect flippist

Dear Merlo, unfortunately some jolly hairdressers thought of cutting women’s hair asymmetrically, partially covering one eye and leaving the other uncovered: something that seems senseless to me because it forces, while talking, to move the head to free the eye (if he doesn’t put a clothespin in it). Everyone is free to do so, but unfortunately many Rai journalists have done so and it is not nice to see on TV a person with one eye covered by hair, or who continually tries to avoid it either with his hand or with a move of the head.
Angiolina Bevilacqua – Rome
In October 2013, a month before his death, Aldo Coppola, the most famous Italian hairdresser in the world, told me that the idea of ​​abolishing helmets, the torture of the diving suit, the horrors of curlers and backcombing, came to him. sea ​​looking at “how more beautiful women were when they came out of the water wet, free and disheveled”. Aldo always suffered because “in the world of dyes and hairstyles there was not even a hair that was happy with itself”. One day, therefore, “the curls and locks fell like dead leaves, making way for the ideas of freedom and nature”. Thoughts and hair live happily close together but, occupying the same space, it happens that they hit each other hard. I’ll tell you this, dear Mrs. Angiolina, because I’m sure that, if you look closer, you will realize that the good ones do not have the forelock on her eye.

Congratulations Merlo, even today a little head-on about flippism, has found a way to scorn Conte and the 5 stars, a movement that, I’m sorry for you, still has a good 15% of the votes. Many people, net of so many errors and an undoubted identity crisis, recognize themselves in the successes and innovations against certain apparatuses and powers that see themselves threatened.
Piero Brancali- Ciampino
Do you think that I wanted to pay him a compliment, an encouragement to choose, and not by head but with good reason because to a statesman like Conte, undecided about everything, flippism offers a solution to everything. And without resorting to the semantic squiggles that he abuses. Flippism is the most contian political philosophy there is: when tails come out you are on the right, when heads come out you are on the left. Just toss a coin in the air to know if today it is better to be with Draghi or against Draghi, heads with Putin and tails with Zelensky, heads with Letta and tails with Salvini. Flippism does not guarantee the result, but other political philosophies do not guarantee it either. And with flippism you can always try again: if it is not heads it will be tails.

At Gay Pride but without “compassion”. Flippism, Donald Duck and the referendum

by Francesco Merlo

Dear Merlo, the great Brera was not from Codogno, but from San Zenone Po from Pavia.
Enrico Furiosi – Milan
Thank you. In Codogno he died. And in his San Zenone Po is buried, in the family tomb, where, next to his photo, they placed (is there still?) A cigar: “If you stand up to the flames of that hell, you can call yourself blessed, but it can happen that , when fasting, your stomach becomes shorter, stranguglioni come to you like fools stuck for a scar from the butt stuffed into their beak “.

Dear Merlo, instead of the guillotine I propose drowning for: it doesn’t rain, it rains in the wet, water in the mouth.
Eva Fornelli – Turin

Dear Merlo, he guillotined twice “big magazines”.
Luigi Lisi – Lecce
There are heads that grow back.

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