Poke: here’s how to compose the summer dish full of great nutrients – iO Donna

Poke: here's how to compose the summer dish full of great nutrients - iO Donna

THEL poke is the dish of the moment. Colorful, tasty and creative, it came to us from Hawaii and soon conquered the Italians, becoming one of the protagonists of the world of delivery and take away also in our country. And years after his arrival in Italy, the poke mania does not seem to stop, quite the contrary. Like it because it is a healthy and genuine optionperfect for one balanced diet rich in nutrients. So how to compose the bowl in the best way?

Poke: the preferences of Italians

Born from tradition of Hawaiian fishermen who used to eat it as a snack, preparing it with the scraps of their catch. The Italians, on the other hand, love to eat it mostly for lunch. This is what emerges from an Ami Poké investigation, the pokerie chain born in 2018 in Rome. As many as 75% of the interviewees considers it a complete and tasty mealbut also quick and easy to consume, which lends itself well to both delivery and take away. “The poké is also suitable for those who, without sacrificing taste, he follows a balanced meal plan and not only for its ingredients, but also for the possibility to compose the bowl to your liking. This allows you to vary your diet, to choose the foods that best suit your needs, as well as your tastes ”, he explains Alessandro De Crescenzo, founder of Ami Poké.

A complete dish

“The pokewhen carefully composed, it can be a complete dish. In fact, they can be inserted inside all the essential nutrients for the body, but its nutritional characteristics depend on the individual ingredients. The brown ricefor example, thanks to the presence of carbohydrates and fibers, it provides energy and contributes to the maintenance of body weight and gastro-intestinal functions. Chicken, fish and shellfishinstead, they supply the body proteins with high biological value, as well as vitamins of group B (B12) and minerals such as iron and zinc. The fishin particular, it is also excellent source of copper and iodine», Underlines Dr. Arianna Felicetti, Nutritionist Biologist, in the team of experts of the Italian Food Union.

How to compose the perfect bowl

“The ideal poke it should contain all the nutrients needed by the body, without exaggerating the content of sodium and simple sugars. The perfect bowl? It could be composed of: rice as a basecombined with spinach salad, with the formula half and half. Also, tomatoes and- or cucumbers or others seasonal vegetables And octopus as a protein. All topped off with raw EVO oil And almond topping»Suggests the expert.

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Poke: what to avoid

«The advice to always keep in mind is that of do not add two different proteins to the basesuch as tuna and salmon, but only one protein, two vegetablesor a component of fruit and one of vegetables, extra virgin olive oilor alternatively lemon or spicesAnd limit topping and dried fruit, which should not exceed 30 grams. L’avocadoinstead, it is a healthy food, but rich in fattherefore the quantity inside the poké should be limited and, above all, reduced in the presence of extra virgin olive oil », advises Doctor Felicetti.


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