Petrol, the green in “self” mode returns to above 2 euros

Petrol, the green in "self" mode returns to above 2 euros

MILAN – Unleaded petrol when refueling in “self” mode returns above the symbolic amount of 2 euros. Symptom of a price rush on the fuel network that shows no sign of slowing down, and that “eats” the excise duty discount wanted by the government: it is worth 25 cents, it expires on 8 July and for days there has been talk of the inevitable need to its renewal.

The updates come from the usual detection of Energy Newspaper based on the data communicated by the managers to the Mise Price Observatory, updated on the morning of 8 June. Among the individual acronyms, it should be noted that Eni is now up by 2 cents on the recommended prices of the two fuels. Same move for Tamoil, while for Q8 we record an increase of one cent / liter on both products.

In the wake of the movements of recent days and pending implementation of the new interventions, the survey says, the prices charged in the area are still increasing with the average price of self-contained petrol which exceeds 2 euros. A level that had been reached at the beginning of March, when the cut of the excise duty of 30.5 cents per liter decided by the government starting from 22 March was not yet in force. Without considering the tax discount, today we would be at 2.31 euros / liter.

In particular, the national average price of petrol in self-mode is positioned at 2.009 euros / liter (1.985 the previous value), with the different brands ranging between 1.998 and 2.033 euros / liter (no logo1.998). The average price charged for diesel self goes to 1,924 euros / liter (against 1,896), with companies between 1,922 and 1,945 euros / liter (no logo 1,908).

As for the service, for petrol the average price charged increases to 2.134 euros / liter (2.118 the previous value), with colored systems showing average prices between 2.090 and 2.217 euros / liter (no logo 2.047). The average diesel served reaches 2,055 euros / liter (compared to 2,034), with the sales points of the companies with average prices between 2,010 and 2,135 euros / liter (no logo 1,959).

The prices charged for LPG range from 0.833 to 0.851 euros / liter (no logo 0.823). The average price of natural gas for cars is between 1,720 and 1,931 (no logo 1,781).

Finally, these are the prices on motorways: self-service petrol 2,073 euros / liter (served 2.301), self-service diesel fuel 2,000 euros / liter (served 2,231), LPG 0.920 euros / liter, natural gas 2,162 euros / kg, LNG 2,017 euros / kg.

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