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On Netflix there is “First Kill”: story of an impossible teen lesbian love – iO Donna

T.safe decoration is always good. And given the success of vampires in the pastNetflix’s choice to launch First Killnew series available from today with bloodthirsty kids, wooden poles and executioners, does not seem random at all. Taken from the books of VE Schwab (young adult writer, scriptwriter of all episodes), il action teen drama genre develops a Savannah, Georgia.

A city where monsters return after a quarter of a century, and where it is not easy for anyone to feel at home. Especially if you are a supernatural creature. The city is crossed by two opposing factions: i Hunters the Monsters ei Original Vampiresboth in search of a socially elevated ideal but condemned for mere survival to a low-key life. In between are the monsters – ghouls, zombies, vampires and werewolves – who have returned after a period of relative tranquility.

In a context so full of tensions, the forbidden love story among sixteen year olds Juliette Fermont And Calliope Burns (Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis), born Jules and Cal: the first coming from the flower of the vampire aristocracy, of the lineage of the Originals who can turn with impunity during the day and see themselves in the mirrors; the second daughter of a millennial lineage of Monster Hunterscategory that includes vampires.

The two girls couldn’t be more different: Jules hides the canines with a schoolgirl look and special blood pills that alleviate the symptoms of the incipient transformation into a vampire. Cal trains with the brothers under the uncompromising wing but loving of mom Talia and dad Jack Burns. Adepts of the Guild of Hunterswho sent them to the city to thwart the creeping return of the monsters.

first kill vampire series review netflix

Sarah Catherine Hook and Juliette. (Netflix)

First Kill: Vampires and Monster Hunters

The expression First Kill refers to first kill by the neo-vampire, without which the creature cannot consecrate oneself to the exclusive society of the Originals and risks a sad fate of madness and loneliness. But even the first one Monster Hunter Huntin which kids with titanium crossbows, trained in the most lethal martial arts, collide with ghosts, zombies and other creatures to become part of the noble – and very judgmental – family of the Hunters.

Juliette and Cal embody two opposite female types: the first apparently fragile, innocent and emotionally vulnerable; the second coldest, decision-maker and focused on family loyalty, only to be involved body and soul in an all-encompassing relationship: the first love. The two girls are indeed culturally destined to kill themselves and their first amorous meeting, hastily consummated in one pantry full of jars of cherries in alcohol, sees Jules pull out his canines in a passionate bite and Cal wield a pointed stake with which he stabs Jules. But the war between the two will not last long: the passion and loyalty they are stronger than any difference.

Snake relatives

“Impossible to be immune to the madness of first love,” says Jules. “Every tear shed, every leap of the heart, it’s all worth it“. The mother is well aware of this Margo Atwood-FermontOriginal vampire with three rounds of pearls and keeper of a secret vampire cult, impassive and perfectly integrated into Savannah’s upper-class society. She planted her prestigious vampire boyfriend at the altar to marry Sebastian Fermonta human who has transformed in vampire (therefore half-blood).

Vampires and Hunters also follow very, too similar rules: stay calm, don’t let your guard down, always be ready for anything, finish what you start.

The sober flair of the gods Fermont clashes with the athletic-inquisitorial attitude of the Burns, the first to strike a fight with vampires. The struggle between the two lineages is configured as a contemporary parallel to the feud between Montecchi and Capulets. Many scenes openly refer to the lines of Shakespearean tragedy, of which Jules and Cal are passionate scholars.

Juliette has two older brothers: the mysterious and mocking Oliverbanned from home for crimes that will be specified throughout history, ed Elinorwhich embodies the very essence of the Original Vampire: beautiful, brash, independent, manipulative and interested only in power: “We are Original Vampires, we don’t follow the rules, we make them. You’re just a confused and feel-good version of who we are. “

first kill review juliette and Calliope netflix

Calliope and Juliette. (Netflix)

But Jules is not a feel-gooder and will prove it: she is faithful only to herself and her feelings for Calliope. Then there is the powerful grandmother which, between one botox and another, embodies all the charisma of vampire matriarchy descendant of Lilith. And we say no more to avoid spoilers, but know that Genesis did not say everything and the vampire creation myth is a little different than the lore. Calliope also has two brothers: Apollo and Theoadopted by Talia and Jack Burns.

Why watch First Kill

During eight episodes the show’s emotional rate is constant, as is the very solid narrative structure. There are few moments to doll up, thanks also to a soundtrack that is never a simple background. And many twists, of course, which in addition to being unpredictable are mostly balanced. But the rhythm is there, like the patina: especially in interior design – the lighting department is impeccable.

The themes of the sexual awarenessof the loyalty to family And to themselvesof the contrast between external monstrosity and internal monstrosity are presented in a direct and mature way: being yourself involves very hard choices but it remains the most important thing. Above all it is impossible “to love moderately”according to the invitation of Friar Lorenzo in Romeo and Julieteven if this impetuous feeling can lead to very complicated outcomes.

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first kill vampire series review netflix

Will Swenson (Sebastian Fairmont), Sarah Catherine Hook (Juliette), Gracie Dzienny (Elinor Fairmont) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Margot Fairmont). (Netflix)

Each episode has a title an initiation: First Kiss, First Kill, First Battle, First Date, First Love, First Parting, First Goodbye, First… We won’t tell you.


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