Monkeypox, experts: "No to mass vaccination"

While there are over a thousand cases of monkeypox around the world in countries where the disease was not endemic, experts are skeptical about moving forward with larger-scale vaccination policies.

“The reported infections mainly, but not limited to, men who have sexual intercourse with other men. Some countries are starting to report cases of apparent community-based transmission, including some in women.” To make the point is the director general of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

The WHO CEO reiterated that “the sudden and unexpected appearance of Monkeypox in several countries where the infection is not endemic suggests that the transmission may have gone on for some time undetected. But we don’t know for how long” circulation of the virus may have remained unnoticed.

Smallpox of monkeys, guidelines are ready to avoid contagion

by Donatella Zorzetto

WHO: “Mass vaccination not recommended”

“The World Health Organization does not recommend mass vaccination against monkeypox,” reiterated the WHO director-general. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Where available, she explained, the few vaccines are used to protect those who may be exposed to the infection, such as healthcare workers and laboratory staff.

“Post-exposure vaccination” to Monkeypox virus, “to be administered ideally within the following 4 days – recalled the DG – may be considered by some countries for close contacts at a higher risk, such as sexual partners, family members and operators sanitary “.

Smallpox of the monkeys, the hypothesis of a transmission also in the air

by Donatella Zorzetto

To support the states that register outbreaks in the containment of viral transmission, “WHO has published guidelines on surveillance and contact tracing, and on laboratory tests for diagnosis. And in the coming days – announces Tedros – we will also publish guidelines on clinical care, infection prevention and control, and vaccination “.

Against monkeypox “there are approved antivirals and vaccines, but these products are available in limited quantities,” said the DG. Also for this reason “WHO is developing a coordination mechanism for the distribution of supplies based on public health needs and according to criteria of fairness”.

Smallpox of monkeys, Andreoni: “Smallpox easily available on the market but immunization will not be necessary in Italy”

The guidelines of the US CDC

In the United States i Centers for Disease Consl have issued indications suggesting vaccination only for healthcare workers or laboratory staff in close contact with the virus or infected people. Canada and the United Kingdom are also on the same line.

In Italy: what the Istituto Superiore di Sanità says

In the current epidemiological context, we read on the ISS website in the section dedicated to Monkeypox, “vaccination is not recommended for the general population. Post-exposure vaccination (ideally within four days of exposure) can be considered for contacts at higher risk such as health professionals, including laboratory staff, after careful evaluation of the risks and benefits “.

In Germany

The German Permanent Commission on Vaccination (Stiko) of the Robert Koch Institute, the government agency for disease control, has recommended vaccinations for individuals belonging to risk groups or adults in contact with infected people and people at increased risk of infection. The Commission’s opinion must now go through a feedback procedure with the 16 German federal states and health experts before it can become final.

Monkey pox, that’s why those who say homosexuals are more at risk are wrong

by Valeria Pini

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