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How can we get rid of the saddest thoughts? – Donnamoderna

Lgetting rid of sad thoughts is possible. Here’s how to do it to find your serenity and live in balance with your emotions

It happens to everyone to feel sad, bitter, disheartened about something that has happened or that we know will have to happen. An emotion that is part of life and thoughts that in one way or another we all live, some more, some less. But what happens when this mood becomes too heavy and persistent? And how can we get rid of sad thoughtsletting them go and returning to a state of inner serenity?

Of course, it’s not always easy and it takes determination and a great desire to feel good. But get out of the limbo of sadness and toxic negativity that makes you feel bad and burdens your days is possible. And you can do it right away by following some useful advice a rediscover serenity lost and to live in a more conscious and detached way the sad emotions that can arise in the course of life.

What is sadness

When it comes to sadness means one of the core emotions that are felt in the course of life and that, just like the others, it is necessary to progress and evolve as people, ensuring our survival. Nothing negative, therefore, but an essential means to be able to make decisions, to overcome difficult moments or not, to regulate one’s behavior, etc. And that must be lived exactly like all the others.

Sadness, in fact, is the emotion that allows you to process events painful and / or unpleasant that happen to us, also acting as a means of change, as a tool to achieve balance and as a gateway to a greater understanding of oneself and new perspectives of what surrounds us.

Obviously if this does not take over and if you do not let yourself be overwhelmed by a “negative” mood. Learning to free ourselves from sad thoughts, letting them go and returning to a state of real well-being both internal and physical.

How to free ourselves from sad thoughts

If you ask yourself how to get rid of sad thoughts, the most immediate thing you think about is crying. A liberating gesture, which gives immediate relief and is able to wash away all thoughts. Almost. Crying, in fact, if it is clear is very good, it can also leave aftermath behind it. Often making things worse.

This is why it is good to learn to free ourselves from sad thoughts also by taking advantage of other possibilities. To make sure you really did and don’t fall back into a vicious circle which could become difficult to eradicate.

Distract us and free ourselves from sad thoughts

One of the things that most help you get rid of sad thoughts is that of get away. Reading, going out, chatting, pursuing a hobby. I mean, anything that gets your head off is fine. As long as you force it not to focus solely on negative thinking by rooting it in your daily mood.

Engage in physical activity

Very well, for example, the practice of a ‘physical activity, one of the best remedies to get rid of sad thoughts, relieving the mind and heart. And helping the body and mind to feel good, fighting the consequences of sadness (such as lowering the immune system) and ensuring a feeling of general well-being.

Change perspective

Another way to get rid of sad thoughts is to try to change point of view. Not to diminish one’s pain, but only to realize that one’s vision of what and of what one is experiencing and feeling is not the only possible way. It is more a choice and as such it can be changed in favor of something else.

Help out to get rid of sad thoughts

Helping those around you is also an effective way to soothe and free yourself from sad thoughts. And the reason is very simple. Sadness breeds sadness. As in a vicious circle from which at some point it seems impossible to get out. If you stop to help others, however, the flow of your thoughts is blocked in favor of those around you. By scaling down what you feel and changing your own mood inner. By processing sadness more consciously and without being overwhelmed.

Change your posture

Finally, another simple way to get rid of sad thoughts is to observe your own posture. Sadness, in fact, also manifests itself on a physical level, in the curvature of the back, lowering the gaze to the ground and adopting an attitude of closure towards the surrounding world. As a protection of oneself and of what one is feeling. And actually feeding it. This is why it is important be aware of itchanging your posture and adopting a proud, forward-looking and positive attitude.

Bringing positivity even within oneself and letting sad thoughts go through us and go away lightly. Being able to live them in a healthy way and once done, returning to their state of natural serenity and tranquility.

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