Genoa, a sit-in against the rhetoric of young slackers “We are not the problem, it is the job offer”

Genoa, a sit-in against the rhetoric of young slackers "We are not the problem, it is the job offer"

A demonstration against “bad jobs”, the false myth of “young slackers”, the catchphrase of entrepreneurs in vain and desperate search for workers. It will be staged in Genoa, from 18.30 this afternoon, Thursday, in front of one of the most famous bars in the city, the Mangini coffee in piazza Corvetto. The owner of which, in recent days, had joined the chorus – explain by the organizers of the mobilization – of the “rhetoric that paints young people as lazy who think they can live without working.” reflects on the final sprint of the electoral campaign, awaiting the vote on Sunday 12 June.

Conceived and convened by Genova che dosa, the association of political analysis involving young militants of the city left, the demonstration will be a sort of garrison of protest. “The statements of the owner of the Mangini bar are just the latest in a long series ranging from the president of the industrialists Bonomi, to the Minister of tourism Garavaglia, passing through Matteo Losio, president of restaurateurs Fipe Confcommercio Liguria, who declares:” but why work if you has the citizenship income? ”, is explained.

“We are tired of this continuous blaming of young people – explains Stefano Gaggero, of GcO – the problem is not the citizenship income but the poor quality of the job offer in Genoa. Here about half of the young people and young workers are employed in the sectors of trade, catering, hospitality and deliveries: these are sectors in which low wages, exaggerated hours and workloads, partial and precarious contracts, non-existent career prospects, zero social recognition are often offered “.

“In commerce – continues Gaggero – just to give an example, average wages are about 20 percent lower than the general figure and weekly working hours 20 percent longer. In Genoa, the income of a young worker is less than 7 thousand euros per year. The average citizenship income for 10 thousand families in Genoa is only 530 euros per month. Genoa is in crisis. Resolving the generational question must be the priority and we want to talk about it from here on vote on June 12 “.

“On the one hand there is Bucci’s Genoa, which invests only in bad jobs: new supermarkets, more and more cruise ships, the Amazon warehouse. On the other hand, we want a Genoa that offers opportunities to young people and brings forward those who are today find back “.

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