• June 8, 2023

Future Hits Live 2022: tonight the concert dedicated to Generation Z: guests and where to see it

“A live event dedicated entirely to the young people of the GenZ, born to celebrate those who, due to a pandemic, have had to give up the pleasure of being together and have fun thanks to music for about two years” – Like this Federica Gentile, artistic director of Radio Zetathe national broadcaster organizing the Future Hits Liveat the eighteenth position among the most listening radios.
future hits live 2022

photo source: RTL Press Office 102.5

Beyond 30 artists, young and promising, myths of Generation Z, will perform on the stage of the Cavea of ​​the Auditorium Parco della Musica. Among the many, Blanco, Mahmood, Elodie, Rkomi and Sangiovanni: a musical show that opens the summer events program in the suggestive Roman location. On the occasion of the press conference to present the event, live this evening or also enjoyable on TV in streaming, it was announced that at the end of the evening Fedez will also be present who will sing the new summer single, The sweet lifewith Tananai and Mara Sattei. Here are all the details of the event, how to see it and at what time.

Future Hits Live: “An event to celebrate the youngest”

Over 30 artists, 5,000 spectators inside the Cavea of ​​the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, and the awareness of being able to finally return to enjoy live music. The Future Hits Liveorganized by Radio Zetais the concert scheduled for tonight, June 9, at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, dedicated entirely to the kids of the Zeta Generation. For Federica Gentile, artistic director of the radio stationthe event is “a way to celebrate the boys. We decided this date not by chance, because we know that in most of the Italian regions schools have ended and we wanted to mark the departure of the holidays with a festival dedicated to them..

All the guests of the Radio Zeta musical event

Many surprises awaited for the evening and the artists present who will perform for the first time with their summer hits. A stellar cast for an evening of music and a return to almost total normality: from Achille Lauro, Alfa, Aries, Blanco, Carl Brave, Chiello, Coez, Coma_Cose, Dardustpassing through Ditonellapiaga, Elodie, Hernia, Franco126, Fulminacci, Gaia, Gazzelle, Irama, Luigi Strangis (winner of “Friends of Maria De Filippi”. Then, Mahmood, Mara Sattei, Margherita Vicario, Massimo Pericolo, Max Gazzè, Psychologists, Rkomi, Sangiovanni, Tananai and Tommaso Paradiso. Finally, surprisingly, it will also be featured Fedez who will present his new summer hit, The sweet life, together with Tananai and Mara Sattei. At the end of the evening, a last gift from Radio Zeta: a DJ set organized by Sick Luke which will make the spectators present in the Cavea and on radio vision dance.

Where to see the Future Hits Live 2022?

Those who have not managed to win tickets for the great event at the Auditorium Parco della Musica will still be able to enjoy the event from the comfort of their home. The evening, in fact, will be broadcast from 21:00 in radiovision at the same time both on Radio Zeta (channel 266 of digital terrestrial, 735 of Sky), both on RTL 102.5 (channel 36 of digital terrestrial, 736 of Sky), both streaming on RTL 102.5 Play (where it will be possible to spy on the backstage of the artists with unpublished content) and on TV8.

A confirmation and two debuts on the stage of Future Hits Live 2022

Presenting the Future Hits Live 2022 will be Jody Cecchetto, Camilla Ghini and Paola Di Benedettothree conductors of Radio Zeta that perfectly embody the values ​​of their generation. “Great emotion, I am happy that, after less than a year in the great Radio Zeta team, I am lucky enough to host such an event. This stage is spectacular, I expect five thousand screaming people, I can’t wait”he has declared Jody Cecchettomaking his official debut as a host of a musical event.

Also Paola Di Benedetto he did not hide his feelings of these hours, although he has already proved his prowess in past events: “I’m excited, you see us relaxed but in reality we are excited and full of emotions. It will be a great party, here is the most beautiful music of the Zeta Generation”.

Finally, another new lever of Radio Zeta, at its first time on an important stage: “I am very excited to debut on this stage and to see all the artists who will perform. As a Roman, it is a great emotion to be here at the Auditorium where I used to come to skate” – he said Camilla Ghini.

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