Fifty years of Watergate on the new Friday

Fifty years after the scandal that led to the resignation of the president Richard Nixonthe Friday on newsstands tomorrow 10 June with Republic go back to where it all began: in the building of the Watergate in Washington. Our correspondent Anna Lombardi takes us to room 214, now renamed Scandal room: it is the place from where Gordon Liddy and Howard Hunt (entered into history as “the plumbers”, The plumbers) organized the foray into the Democratic National Committee which for four years had its headquarters in the coveted (and expensive) complex. In the “Scandal Room” you can also sleep, at the cost of $ 1,500 per night, and adding a thousand to have a drink with the security officers who discovered the raid on the night of June 17, 1972. In the room every object – except the modern comfort of a flat screen TV, where period images still pass – are inspired to the scandal: the entrance corridor is lined with period newspapers, and on the desk there is an Olivetti Lettera 32, the typewriter used by the reporters who unveiled the scandal; first of all the legendaries Woodward and Bernstein of the Washington Postwhich then in the cinema they would have the faces of Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffmann. And it’s Marco Cicala to reconstruct for us what happened to “All the president’s men”, Or the inner circle of Nixon’s consultants who were swept away by the scandal; almost everyone was able to get up without too many problems.

At the center of the magazine, even one Festival Special summer: 24 pages with the best of theater, dance, classical and opera on stage this summer throughout Italy. And strictly in the open air, from the Verona Arena to Spoleto, from the Baths of Caracalla to the Royal Palace of Capodimonte.

Still on Friday this week, Natalia Aspesi takes us to know the immense heritage of works of art left by the French designer Hubert de Givenchywhich is now about to go to auction in Paris (the service is previewing on the site)

For Foreign Affairs, a report by Giovanni Porzio fromSaudi Arabia, where Prince Mohammed bin Salman tries to attract foreign tourists without giving up an iron fist on internal dissidents. From Italy an investigation by Simone Mosca on the services of online psychological assistance, which boomed after the pandemic: how reliable are they? For Science Alex Saragosa talks about his interest in UFO, awakened by recent US government decisions (but evidence of the existence of aliens is still non-existent). In Culture we interview Arturo Pérez-ReverteSpanish bestseller who comes out with a new novel, entitled Italian: “Your country is my second home,” he says. Riccardo Staglianò tells the American company that transforms the bodies into compost, to lend a hand to the environment even as “dearly departed”. And Matteo Tonelli previews the last season of Peaky Blinders. And still many columns, reports, interviews, reviews on the new Friday.

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