• May 28, 2023

E-Doblo, the last Van born in the Stellantis house

The latest addition is the e-Doblo, the third generation of one of the most versatile vehicles, suitable for the transport of things and people in the Van version, which is now making its debut on the market with the first electric variant with a range of 280 kilometers. This adds an important piece to the range of commercial vehicles of the Stellantis group according to the lines of the strategic plan Dare Forward 2030. And with June the entire range of vehicles designed for those with business needs is offered both with traditional and full electric engines. on all brands, from Fiat Professional to Citroen, via Opel and Peugeot. Brands that are part of a single business unit that in Italy exceeds 50% of the market and, in terms of recharged vehicles on tap, are growing by aiming for similar market performance.

Last year Stellantis registered over 1,800,000 commercial vehicles worldwide, ranking first in Europe and South America. In second place on the podium in the Middle East and Africa, where, however, the pick-up market is very strong. The share in Italy further increased in the first quarter of the year. In the low-emission vehicle segment where, compared to just over 25% achieved in the whole of 2021, the share in the first quarter of 2022 rose to over 40%. These figures were illustrated in a two-day event organized in Balocco, on the group’s test track, where all the products of the range and the various possible set-ups were exhibited, thanks also to the collaboration with various specialized fitters.

“The goal of Stellantis – underlines Gianluca Zampese, director for Italy of the Lcv business unit – is to push electric proposals with all the commercial vehicles of our brands. We have a 100% electric offer for each segment and we look not only to large customers, but also to retail ones that carry out proximity work “. Sectors such as those of delivery, especially in food and in the last mile, already choose electric as the type of vehicle. And other sectors are redirecting their purchases. “We want to create and lead this market. Our customers pay particular attention to converted vehicles and we are working very actively with body builders to have solutions suitable for 100% electric vehicles ”, Zampese remarks. An offer that conditions the market in all segments, from the large van, with Boxer, Jumper, Movano and Ducato, to the compact, with Partner, Berlingo Van, Combo Cargo, Fiorino, New Doblò, passing through the medium, Expert, Jumpy, Vivaro and Scudo.

At Balocco we didn’t just talk about today and tomorrow, but about what could happen and what could be the development of the product after tomorrow. Perspectives told by Salvatore Cardile, Lcv bu marketing & communication. At the center is the mid-power concept, a system that is already a reality. The vehicles are powered by a mixed mechanism of hydrogen fuel cells and batteries which gives electricity to the engines. So as to have 400 kilometers of autonomy and refuel with hydrogen in three minutes, comparable in times to a full tank of diesel. New scenarios and paths that can be taken when the time is ripe, but already today the Stellantis brands have these possibilities in their range.

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