Driving license bonus 2022: what it is and who is entitled to it – Donnamoderna

Driving license bonus 2022: what it is and who is entitled to it - Donnamoderna

THEThe license bonus is an incentive for young people, reserved for under 35s, to find work as road hauliers. Driving schools: “There is a shortage of professionals.” Here’s how it works

On the one hand, youth unemployment, on the other, the lack of some professional figures. Starting from this assumption, the Driving License Bonus 2022, provided for by a government decree. It is an incentive designed for young people who intend to achieve a license for heavy vehicles such as trucks or buses. On 1 July we will start with the applications to obtain a refund for those who achieve the C license for heavy vehicles and the qualification for professional driving, the so-called CQC, Driver’s Qualification Card. The fundamental requirement is to be under 35 years of age.

Here’s how the driving license bonus, what reimbursement is foreseen and what costs must be incurred to obtain a driving license and qualification.

What is the 2022 driver’s license bonus

The facility provides for a contribution to the expenses incurred to obtain the driving license and the driver’s qualification card (CQC): “It was designed to stimulate the new generations and introduce them to the profession of transporter, which over time has seen a decrease in employees. It is a support for a training path that gives a professional qualification, as requested by Europe. It is aimed at two categories: those who already had a C driving license, but did not use it for professional reasons; those who did not have a C driving license and want to obtain it, together with the CQC »explains Andrea Onori, national secretary of UNASCA driving schools, which groups together the main driving schools in Italy.

How much is the driving license bonus

The driving license bonus it was made available by the government with a total allocation of 3.7 million euros for 2022 and 5.4 million euros each year until 2026. Those who request it can receive compensation of 80% of the expenses incurred to obtain the driving license C and the CQC, up to a maximum of 2,500 euros. The voucher replaces the previous incentive of 1000 euros provided for by the Infrastructure decree.

But how much does it cost to get the qualifications? “Expenses vary according to the area of ​​residence, based on the cost of living and the needs of the individual: let’s say that 10 hours of lessons are required between theory and practice, but in some cases that amount of hours may not be enough. Generally the cost is in any case around 2,200-2,500 euros and does not exceed 3,000 euros even if you also want to obtain the driving license E at the same time for vehicles with trailers, which is often considered an investment because it qualifies for another category and costs are optimized »explains Onori again.

Timescales and requirements for submitting the application

The bonus can be used from 1 July 2022 until 31 December 2026. The application must be submitted electronically: “The indispensable requirement is to be under 35. The bonus is also provided for citizenship income earners, while it is no longer considered mandatory to be hired by a trucking company in the three months following the course for the C license and the CQC, as was required in the previous provisions. Before the latest changes, in fact, an employment contract of at least 6 months was requested to gain access to the bonus – explains Onori – As for the procedures, we are awaiting the implementing regulation which should arrive in days, to clarify whether it is necessary to contact the platform of the Ministry of Infrastructure, whether with Spid or not, etc. “.

The reimbursement can in any case be paid for one time only and does not constitute taxable income or affect the ISEE.

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