“Don Matteo 12”, the dark Sergio La Cava arrives and impresses Anna – iO Donna

"Don Matteo 12", the dark Sergio La Cava arrives and impresses Anna - iO Donna

No.she second episode of Don Matteo 12 – airing tonight on Rai 1 at 9.25pm – entitles Don’t take God’s name in vain there is the entrance of Sergio La Cava (Dario Aita), ready to wreak havoc in the complicated relationship between Anna (Maria Chiara Giannetta) and Marco (Maurizio Lastrico).

Don Matteo 12advances second episode

It begins with an unpleasant episode against the Captain Olivieri (Maria Chiara Giannetta). One night, after a party, a moment before getting in the car, she is attacked by two men. A boy who happens to be passing by, Sergio La Cava, intervenes and saves herthwarting the attempted robbery and putting the attackers on the run.

The next morning, Don Matteo (Terence Hill) finds Sergio bent over a grave in the cemetery, wounded and unconscious, along with a note on which an address is pinned. La Cava is a character known to the Carabinieri of Spoleto: he returns to the city after serving six years in prison following the death of his nephew Lorenzofor which he was held responsible.

And the Marshal Cecchini (Nino Frassica) to tell the facts to Anna. She describes him as a monster, a criminal with no feelings, who shot at the child while he stole from his sister’s house. Sabina (Christiane Filangieri). When Anna arrives at the hospital, she discovers that Sergio La Cava is the boy who saved her the night before.

The entry into the cast of Sergio and little Ines

Meanwhile, following the cancellation of the wedding, the prosecutor Nardi (Maurizio Lastrico) left the apartment where he lived with Anna, to move to Cecchini. The marshal proves to be a friend and with his manners between the comic and the surreal, seeing the suffering man, advises him to ask for the grace of the Madonna dei Desperati. When they arrive in front of the statue, they discover that the land was bought by the entrepreneur Cocozza (Mimmo Mignemi), who wants to remove it and will do everything to avoid it.

After finding the note, Don Matteo he wants to see clearly and goes to the address, where finds Ines (Aurora Menenti), a six-year-old girl entrusted to her grandmother following the death of her mother. Her grandmother, however, is no longer able to take care of her because she is ill with Alzheimer’s and her priest decides to take her to the rectory. Shortly after, thanks to a photo, he discovers that the girl is the daughter of Sergio. La Cava, however, explains to the parish priest that he had an affair with Ines’s mother before she entered prison and that he never knew her partner was pregnant.

Meanwhile, Spoleto is shaken by a new murder. This is Egidio Spada (Alessandro Bertolucci)brother of Alfiero (Fabrizio Coniglio) and uncle of Lorenzo. The suspicions immediately fall on Sergio, who is arrested and transferred back to prison. Despite the far from intact curriculum, Anna sees something good in man and try to be close to him. Furthermore, he does not believe his guilt and when he goes to prison to spur him to tell the truth, the man reacts badly.

Don Matteo 12 previews second episode Maurizio Lastrico and Maria chiara Giannetta

Maurizio Lastrico and Maria Chiara Giannetta. (Rai)

Marco asks Anna for forgiveness, Jordi loses a leg

After a while, however, it turns out the real person responsible for the two murders: Sabina. Sergio, therefore, is innocent: he took the blame for Lorenzo’s death only to avoid further suffering. Meanwhile relations between Anna and Marco the relations are very tense. In addition to ignoring him, Olivieri returns her things to him by emptying the box in which she had collected them on the landing. Exhausted, the PM asks her for another chancebut the captain is of a completely different opinion.

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The troubles are not over, because at the fiance’s party Sofia (Mariasole Pollio)Rik (Riccardo De Rinaldis Santorelli), Jordi (Pasquale Di Nuzzo) involuntarily drinks a cocktail containing an MDMA tablet. Going back home, has a serious car accidentwhich he survives, but doctors are forced to amputate his leg.


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