Dazn changes the subscriptions: ten euros more to see the games on two devices

To see all the matches of the next Serie A, Dazn has developed two subscription plans. The novelty mainly concerns the devices connected at the same time. The formula “Standard“, from 29.99 euros per month, allows you to follow the races from two different screens connected to the same Internet network of a home. The option”Plus“, which costs 39.99 euros per month, instead allows two devices to access at the same time even if they are connected to different networks. Users, however, must belong to the same family unit. The” shared “subscription with a family member living together , in short, it will cost ten euros more than the last championship.

Dazn’s “Standard” subscription

The “Standard” subscription, which costs 29.99 euros per month, allows you to simultaneously watch live events broadcast or content on demand on two registered devices as long as both are connected to the internet network of the same home (cable or wi-fi: fiber , xDsl, Fwa). The plan allows you to register up to two devices to the Dazn app. You can still use Dazn while moving, but as long as you don’t use the other registered device.

Dazn’s “Plus” subscription

At a price of 39.99 euros per month, the “Plus” formula allows you to simultaneously watch live events broadcast or content on demand on two registered devices, even if connected to two different Internet networks. For example, a home member of the subscriber connected from home and the owner of the subscription connected from the office.

The “Plus” plan allows you to register up to six devices to the Dazn app. You can also watch the game away from home, with a simultaneous vision. Only those who subscribe and their cohabitants can access the same account. The credentials are personal and cannot be shared: whoever subscribes to the subscription can use them to allow the partner to enter the platform.

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The sport of Dazn

In addition to Serie A, Dazn offers exclusive La Liga, the Europa League, the Conference League, various content on demand, new programs and international thrones such as the Libertadores, the FA Cup, the Carabao Cup, the Copa Sudamericana, the Mls. Then the Women’s Serie A, the Primavera championship, the Women’s Champions League, the thematic channels of Juventus, Inter and Milan, the RedBull TV, the sporting events broadcast on the Eurosport 1HD and 2HD channels such as tennis, the Ufc and Boxing matches. Without forgetting the in-depth programs “Sunday Night Square” and “SuperTele”.

“Dazn’s ambition – explains the CEO of the Italy division, Stefano Azzi – is to bring the sport in streaming to an ever-increasing number of fans. To do this, we work on the acquisition of top-level sports rights and more. The subscription plan proposed for next season reflects the value of the sporting events we broadcast live. A new offer that we have developed to continue investing in Italy and bring further value and quality to our customers “.

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