• May 29, 2023

Campervans & holidays, the five most popular destinations

ROME – In 2021 the recreational vehicle market recorded sales of 7,300 units with a growth of 12% compared to the previous year. The increase also affected the rental sector which, among other things, represents a good way to find out if this type of vehicle is able to meet your needs. In view of the summer, to advise all new campers, Assocamp, the National Association of Recreational Vehicle Operators and Articles for Camping, has launched a survey to be told which are the unmissable destinations in campers for those who rent it for the first time . So here are the five most popular destinations, dedicated to newbies to camper rental to go without fail. For those who love a relaxing holiday, Assocamp has no doubts: Sardinia with the beaches of Is Arutas and Is Arenas dominates. Lesser known places on the crowded northern coasts of the island and for this reason loved by campers because of the greater tranquility. Caribbean beaches and crystal clear sea are combined with surroundings that can offer many suggestive stops if you decide to explore the area or stop in a camping: one of all the flamingos at sunset on Lake Cabras. The combination of sea and sport is well suited to models with lockers and garages that allow you to carry sports equipment and two-wheeled vehicles with you. Far from the classic surfing and windsurfing destinations in Italy, the Assocamp members recommend the coast of Vieste above all for the practice of kitesurfing.

Equally, a Sicilian destination was also reported, namely the Syracuse area, Portopalo di Capo Passero, which is a paradise for sails of various kinds thanks to the warm and windy climate. For mountain enthusiasts, a fixed and unanimous stage for the Dolomites, voted as the ideal mountain destination by 70% of those interviewed. Unesco World Heritage, practically everyone agrees: those looking for tranquility after a year of work, in a five-star campsite with a spa, and those who love to spend the day riding their bikes (according to Assocamp affiliates, the route of the Sella Ronda). Lake Garda is another reference location for all campers both for sport-friendly places and for welcoming outdoor tourism. The panoramic routes overlooking the Benaco are one of the favorite destinations for cyclists of all levels and allow you to enjoy suggestive sceneries. And in the thirty part, appreciated and recurring among the answers, we find the walks along the cycle paths that connect many destinations to be discovered especially from Riva del Garda towards the interior (Arco and Tenno), designed for those who choose the camper to spend their free time at a slow pace. Finally, a growing trend emerged from the survey, namely the search for natural paradises to discover such as the Piana di Castelluccio, the Uccellina Park, the Abruzzo National Park, the Maremma but also the Oltrepò hills a few km away. from Milan, all anti-stress destinations to feel on holiday anyway.

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