Anxiety attacks: 10 things to do immediately explained by Sayonara Motta – iO Donna

Anxiety attacks: 10 things to do immediately explained by Sayonara Motta - iO Donna

TOnsia, fear, anguish, panic attacks. Right now, after two years of pandemic not yet over and the war in Ukraine that never seems to end, there are objective reasons that can trigger the deepest emotions linked to the survival instinct and the awareness of danger. In addition to the help of the psychotherapy or gods drugs (anxiolytics and / or antidepressants) prescribed by your doctorEven the holistic disciplines can provide valuable support to face the most difficult moments. Come on Bach flowers from breathing exercises to Yoga Asanas, Mudras and Mantras, there are many approaches to learn how to use independently to get out of a sudden state of anxiety or depression. To guide us for these small but precious strategies is Sayonara Motta, Graduated in Sports Sciences and yoga leader with a Masters in Yoga Therapy obtained in the USA, author of iO Donna podcast, Yoga Therapy.

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10 anti anxiety tips that come from yoga

There are two types of anxiety, one physiological and the other pathological. The first can be triggered by life events, even simply an exam, a trip, an important business appointment. The pathological anxiety, on the other hand, is an anxiety that is activated due to real events but is amplified by the mind, becoming a psychological discomfort: there is no air, gastrointestinal, cardiac and skin disorders occur. We imagine a catastrophic development of events that are taking place. This is why as a first piece of advice it is essential to be aware of living in the here and now.

1. Live in the present moment

Resize the anxiety that makes us project into a tragic future and look at the events that worry us in the present, without amplifying their effects.

2. Breathing 4/6

A very valid and effective aid is breathing 4 by 6: inhale through the nose and expand the belly for a count of 4. Then exhale by exhaling and deflating the belly for a count of 6. The exhalation takes place from the mouth, in a slow and liberating way . This breathing activates the parasympathetic system which promotes relaxation. It can be done at any time: in the office, on the plane, at the cinema, whenever anxiety comes this method will take it away.

3. Viewing a Balloon

It is a very simple technique but also very useful. It involves lying down or sitting down and starting to visualize a deflated balloon, with a color of your choice. Imagine inflating the balloon and with each breath the air (and anxiety) blows into the balloon, which gradually expands until it fills up to the maximum. In the next visualization, you let go of the balloon as it flies high, far beyond the horizon. Away with the balloon, away with the anxiety.

4. Foods that help with anxiety

A correct eating style, consisting of plant foods that they contain tryptophana nutrient that promotes the formation of serotonin, the so-called neurotransmitter of good mood and counteracts cortisol, the stress hormone. Bananas and dark chocolate (80%) are the foods that contain the most. Remove refined sugar and glutamate, a salt that induces intestinal inflammation and stresses the body.

5. Among the essential oils, one is the most powerful against anxiety

bitter orange, bergamot, sandalwood, jasmine. But the essential oil par excellence against anxiety is lavender. You can put drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow before going to sleep, lavender incense while you work or in the diffuser. To be massaged all over the body for a long-lasting calming effect, you can use a small bottle of almond oil in which to dilute 5 drops of lavender essential oil. It can also be used on the heart chakra, behind the ears or at the base of the collarbones to receive soothing scents throughout the day.

6. Echo Therapy

The contact with nature is a powerful anti anxiety method. Of course, the ideal would be one walk barefoot on the sand white or pink and very fine from a cove in an exotic bay. Or hug a tree of the Black Forest, or walking in the woods Dolomites admiring the landscape e listening to the sound of water and Nature. But the beneficial effects can also be obtained simply by dedicating one half an hour on foot in a parkon a lawn, establish direct contact with nature even if you live in the city. Walk between 6 and 9 in the morningimproves melatonin production e promotes well-being general and the circadian rhythm of sleep and wakefulness.

7. Dvimukham Mudra

This Mudra serves a calm anxiety. Join the little finger of the right hand with that of the left and do the same with the ring finger, forming like a shell with your hands. The ring finger for Ayurveda culture represents water and the little finger the earth. A gesture that helps us to anchor ourselves to the Earth and the sea, a get back in touch with your own centering.

8. Meditation of the 4 Pebbles

The Meditation of the 4 Pebbles is an exercise designed by a great Vietnamese monk and philosopher Thich Nhat Hanh, it lasts about 9 minutes and helps to recollect oneself in silence. It can also be used with children, as a game that calms and intrigues them.

9. Yoga Restorative

It is a form of yoga that stimulates deep relaxation and activates the parasympathetic system. It leads to deep meditation through prolonged breaths. It is mainly lying on the mat, in a comfortable position with the help of pillows and blankets.


Sayonara Motta

10. Bach Flowers: Rescue Remedy

Bach flowers are 38 natural remedies named after their discoverer Edward Bach, and are mostly derived from Mediterranean flowers. Bach was a living medical pathologist, immunologist and bacteriologist between the late 1800s and early 1900s in the UK and started the Flower therapy.

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For those suffering from anxiety, the Rescue Remedy is particularly recommended, a blend that includes 5 Remedies designed to deal with moments of emergency.


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