Amateur football, Atletico Acqui-Sale: two games, one wrong spoon, an unprecedented joke

Amateur football, Atletico Acqui-Sale: two games, one wrong spoon, an unprecedented joke

Absolutely unlikely. Absolutely true. The film of the challenge between Atletico Acqui And salt – final of the play-offs of the second category Piedmontese championship, group H – it seems written by a drunken screenwriter, who puts one bigger than the other in a row. But, in vino veritas, it all really happened.

That penalty beaten like Totti

All banally normal, until the sunset of the extra time of the challenge on Sunday 5 June. Amateur football in the province of Alessandria, 0-0 on the field and Atletico Acqui ready to celebrate the promotion in the First Category, thanks to the best placement obtained in the regular season. Last minute, the referee Luca Lava whistled a penalty for the hosts: the perfect ending, because revelry has always rhymed with victory. The bomber beats him: Patrick Viazzi he was two months and nine days old when the game was played Holland-Italysemifinal of the 2000 European Championship, but the spoon of Totti to Van Der Sar has no time, lives forever on YouTube. Scavetto, goalkeeper displaced, ball on the crossbar: Viazzi precedes everyone, hits him again, this time with his head, and scores. He punches the sky and starts a two day long party.

The admission of the referee

But already on the pitch the players of the Sale protest, surrounding the referee, who validated the goal. A clearly irregular goal, because whoever takes a set piece cannot touch the ball twice, if in the meantime he has not been hit by another player: and the crossbar Not he is a footballer. Il Sale appeals against the homologation of the result and wins it, also (indeed: above all) because the referee admits his technical error in the scoresheet. No imaginative solution, as the managers, coaches and players of Atletico Acqui understandably would like, like “we will resume the game from the moment of the penalty, at the last minute of extra time”. It replays. Wednesday 8 June, 8.30 pm. Always in Acqui. Always with the hosts who have both a win and a draw available to be promoted.

The decisive goal of the forty-year-old striker

The ramshackle script is almost finished, now even the distracted couple in the back row has understood how the film will end: Diego Fossati he is 40 years old, he played his first season in Sale in 2000, when Patrick Viazzi was born, when Totti said: “Mo je fare er spoon”. He is not a guy who will do it but he has the number seven shirt. He scores the winning goal of his team: Sale promoted to First Category, Atletico Acqui forced to restart from the first round of the recovery quadrangle next Sunday. The writer finished the bottle. Credits.

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