A new mammography unit for the Libellule Association: how to participate in the charity market – iO Donna

A new mammography unit for the Libellule Association: how to participate in the charity market - iO Donna

Un new mammography unit to be used alongside the new ultrasound systemto offer all women a concrete and complete prevention of breast cancer.

This is the mission of Association Dragonflies Onlusfounded in 2015 with the support of Professor Umberto Veronesi by the Doctor Paola Martinoni, breast surgeon, expert in first and second level diagnostics for the prevention of breast cancer. For years, the specialist has also been dedicated to the follow-up of cancer patients and their physical and psychological support thanks to the commitment of the Association. But the tools of diagnosis are very expensive machines. That’s why in the new Dragonfly house, Association Dragonflies Onlus,, the operators and volunteers do their utmost in thousands of initiatives to raise funds.

The charity market to buy the mammogram

From 10 to 25 June opens the new Mercatino dell ‘Association Dragonflies Onluswith many prestigious brand products offered to support the commitment to purchase a new mammography unit for the new one headquarters in Via Filippino Lippi 19 at the corner of Viale Gran Sasso, in Milan. From 11 am to 7 pm, excluding Sundays only, everyone can enter the new Libellule house and browse among the highest quality products. Swimsuits, solar products, hair and sun products, beach dresses, wooden brushes, summer clothing. All at discounted prices. Among the brands that have joined the initiative are Collistar, Bioderma, Alterego, Chantelle, Sapone di una tempo, Tak, Scaglione. An opportunity for solidarity shopping that continues the commitment to prevent female cancer.

Prevention comes from correct information

The prevention of the melanoma passes from correct information and the use of targeted protective products. Here because Tuesday 14 Junea skincare expert from Soap of a time will be present in the House of Dragonflies to give ad hoc advice on how to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. In four different time slots, (11:30 – 12:30; 17: 00-18: 00; 18: 00-19: 00; 19: 00-20: 00) in order to guarantee safety distances for allwe will talk about the prevention of skin cancer and the importance of using sunscreen products, which filter to choose based on your own phototypewhat type of product to use even after cancer treatments. To participate in the event avoiding crowds, it is suggested to send an email to corsilibellule@gmail.com.

Early stage breast cancer: new techniques

Early stage breast cancer: new techniques

Help us to help: discounts on the sun products Soap of a time

Soap of a time has decided to be alongside Libellule Onlus also in another way. From 8 to 19 June it will be possible to buy the products on the site with a 15% discount.

What if you can’t go to the market?

If you can’t go to the market, you can still contribute to the mission of the Non-Profit Libellule Association to buy a mammogram and support women with cancer. You can make a donation right away, even a few euros, simply by clicking this link: https://www.associazionelibellule.it/donazione-libera. Your contribution is essential, even a small donation will be of great value. Support the Dragonflies!


Doctor Paola Martinoni during a visit

How to help those who help overcome the tumor

«We involve many doctors by specialty, who offer their work free of charge to patients. But we have so many difficulties and we need help: the funds to have the best doctors available must be reinforced. We also have an important goal: to buy a diagnostic machine that costs 30 thousand euros ”, explains Dr. Martinoni.

For every information visit the website at the contact page https://www.associazionelibellule.it/contatti.

Instagram: association_libellule_onlus

FOR DONATIONS visit the link https://www.associazionelibellule.it/donazione-libera. Donating to Associazione Libellule Onlus means helping to transform the lives of women who have undergone breast or genital surgery, giving them a chance to start over. Better than before.

How to book a visit to the Libellule Association

“Together we win. The dramatic moments that accompany the course of the disease are overcome. We start again, life goes on and it can be better than before ”, reads the website of the non-profit organization.
Those who want to be followed by the experts ofLibellule Onlus Association for a consultation and get advice on continuing care and personalized follow-up, you can book an appointment at the Columbus Clinic Center in Milan: for every woman there is a guided path of prevention and control that awaits her, in a professional environment, with dedicated qualified medical staff. Just send an email to book.visit.libellule@gmail.com. The visits take place on Tuesdays at the Columbus Clinic Center in Milan, Via M. Buonarroti 48.

«The patient benefits if there is a bridge that facilitates the bureaucratic dynamics. Doctors often fail to prescribe in the best possible time all that is really needed by those with oncological disease. We are a non-profit organization and we go all the way, after the intervention, complicity and taking by the hand at 360 °. Turning to us we do everything there‘iter together And we introduce the patient to the facilities that are most comfortable for her and suited to her situation “, reassures Martinoni.

The Manifesto of the Association

“I have fought all my life to defeat the breast cancer of women, now I leave it to you, brave dragonflies, the fundamental task of erasing the memory from their minds”.

Professor Umberto Veronesi

Every woman who has gone through this experience knows that the worst comes after the surgery. Subsequent therapies put a strain on femininity, the worm grows in the mind that life has changed forever. The worst difficulty remains the checks that must be carried out periodically. Reference points are lacking, waits are often long and cause anxiety and fear.

Dragonflies Association starts from these considerations and flies high! Wants transform the lives of women who have encountered the diseasethanks to a physical and psychological space where anxieties, fear and stress are replaced by positivity, security, solidarity and maximum professionalism.

A place to meet, as friends knowing that they are always taken by the hand and accompanied, no longer alone, on a journey towards a life that has nothing to envy to the past one.

Twice a year a “tailor-made” follow-up will be organized: half a day, results immediately, a moment of relaxation to sip a cup of tea with a slice of homemade cake … There is no shortage of specialist contributions with the psychologist, the plastic surgeon, the gynecologist, or the dentist. As in all self-respecting clubs, there will be no shortage moments of leisure: a session of yoga to release tensions, a meeting with a cook to start a new line-saving and health food style, a session of make up.

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Not a dream, but one a reality that will be made possible thanks to an initial registration with a free donation: each according to their possibilities.
What we desire from the bottom of our consciousness is of give all women a chance: life goes on, disease shouldn’t scare but it must become an opportunity to be reborn, to get to know each other better, to savor every moment with intensity and new energy. Always, all together, with one goal: win and erase, as Professor Veronesi hopes, cancer from our minds.


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