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World Oceans Day 2022: beauty initiatives – iO Donna

ORday June 8, World Oceans Day, beauty does its part: here are the beauty brand with at heart the most precious resource on the planet, the sea, and the most beautiful dedicated initiatives, not only on this day, but all year round.

World Oceans Day 2022: initiatives from the beauty world

ISDIN reforests Posidonia, off the coast of Formentera

We put on a mask and fins, and we jumped. In first person, in the blue water of one of the Mediterranean paradises, Formentera. That it wouldn’t be the paradise it is without her, there Posidonia.

Don’t call it seaweed: is a plant, portentous, given its virtues. It purifies 15 times more Co2 and produces the five times the oxygen of the Amazon rainforest, alone, underwater.

Off the island is there largest grassland in Europe: we saw her during an underwater mission together with ISDIN, a leading Spanish brand in photoprotection and B-Corp companythat is, certified active for the environment and the future of the planet.

For two years it has supported the Vellmari Formenter associationto not only protect but also a replant this green treasure threatened by boat anchors, pollution and overheating of the water: 28 degrees are fatal. And a third of this precious underwater meadow has already died in the last 50 years.

«Ours is the first structured project in the Mediterranean: we have just developed an App that will show all the boats around the island free of charge where to moor without damaging the Posidonia. Furthermore, we cure daily the new plants on the seabed in protected areas»The marine biologist patron of the project told us Manu San Félix. This is where part of the proceeds from ISDIN solar products – ecofriendly, of course – will go for this (and the next) summer.

BioNike and the “save the stars” project (marine)

“A sea of ​​stars” is the name of the project to which those who will entrust themselves this summer will contribute, a BioNike. The company claims Worldriseonlus of Mariasole Bianco engaged since 2013 in the protection of the marine habitat, in particular of the gorgonian forests and their inhabitants, the starfish.

School education projects and coastal cleaning tours are already underway. Upcoming, some shipments of both recovery of nets and waste in Capo Mortola and Golfo Aranci, both for the safety of starfish a Balzi Rossi, Tavolara, Ustica, Egadi and Secche della Meloria.

«The sea is a treasure chest that contains the largest biodiversity on the planet, hosting from the smallest to the largest animals, creating and transforming new lives, new species, new environments every day, in a perfect balance “he says Monica Previati, marine biologist at Worldrise. And “Love your skin, save the sea” is the motto that well represents the commitment of a company that cares about people’s skin, but also the waters into which they will dive this summer.

La Mer, the cream with a blue heart

Even this year The Wed dedicates the most loved of references, the iconic La Crème, version Blue Heart (320 euros) the sea, the origin of its formulas, the “Miracle Broth” giant seaweed extract Kelp: through the Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund, the annual limited edition collects and donates funds for organizations and initiatives committed to the protection of the Oceans.

This summer, together with Worldrisesupport goes to Greenwave and EarthEcho, with the purpose of protect 30% of the oceans by 2030. The cream in a very limited edition, is on sale on the official La Mer ecommerce, lamer.eu/it/

Beach cleaning with Rilastil

Nine hundred and fifty kilos of waste collected only last year. Who knows how many there are recovered this year in Puglia in Peschici, in Sardinia in Sant’Antioco and in Sicily in Montallegro during the three days of cleaning organized by Rilastil with the countryside “Adopt a beach”.

Support is thus renewed a Marevivo, association recognized by the Ministry of the Environment, active on the Italian coast for over thirty years. Many volunteers, beauty addicts and not. Information and insights on upcoming projects: marevivo.it

Davines against illegal fishing

The campaign returns to all partner salons in Italy until 30 August “Let’s protect the sea” by Davines, which since 2018 has collected more than 120 thousand euros for the Mediterranean.

By purchasing three products from Davines in the salon hair solar line SUprotective and nourishing for the hair in the sun, is received free SU Beach Bag, symbol of support Sea Shepherd Italy. The non-profit organization is in front line to combat illegal fishing in our seas.

The Acqua dell’Elba festival in July

Elbe water will celebrate the sea with Seif – Sea Essence International Festival from8 to 11 July.

Location: the ancient seaside village of Marciana Marina in the heart of the Tuscan Archipelago, a privileged observation point. the theme of the event will be “Future Landascape”, with a program that will range from the “future we imagine” from an environmental, technological and social point of view to “landscapes”, real or metaphorical, that we would like in 2035, the reference date of the Manifesto of Sustainability for the Island of Elba, signed in 2021.

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“With Seif we want to reiterate that the protection of the sea passes first of all from the enhancement of its beauty” he explains Fabio Murzi, president of Acqua dell’Elba. “For this reason, our program will embrace reason and emotion, to make people think and dream at the same time” (by Rosy Butera).


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