• June 5, 2023

Weather forecast, temporary stop in the heat until Friday. Scipione returns over the weekend

(iLMeteo.it) Faroe Islands, between Iceland and Norway, in the North Atlantic Ocean: this is the starting point of the bad weather that will arrive in Italy from this evening until Friday. On the far north of Europe, around the fascinating archipelago made up of 18 volcanic islands, a depression area has formed which will send disturbed impulses towards the South.

In the next few days the polar sea air, descending from the Faroe Islands, will form a cyclone, a ‘Cold Drop’ on the Balkans in subsequent gradual entry into Italy with fresh winds from Bora and Grecale.

A decidedly important change, with the recall on the bench of the African Anti-cyclone Scipione, waiting to return to the protagonist probably already from the weekend.

The Scipione-Faroe Islands substitution will result in a decided disrupted break until Friday, with below average temperatures and abundant rains on the North-East and the Adriatic side: against drought it is good news, for vacationers in these sectors it will be a period to dedicate , for a few hours, at museums or indoor events.

Lorenzo Tedicimeteorologist of the site www.iLMeteo.it, confirms the arrival of more unstable air from this evening: the journey of the ‘Cold Drop’ is expected from North to South along the Adriatic basin with destination Saturday morning Athens, Greece: in the trajectory Faroe Islands, Germany, Croatia, Greece will bring more intense rains on Austria, Hungary and the Carpathian-Danubian Balkan area, affecting our Adriatic regions with phenomena at times intense.

Temperatures will drop to start tomorrow over much of Italy, making us breathe deeply: after the double Hannibal-Scipione attack, which began on May 10, we could not stand it anymore from the heat, heat wave and in the last few days even record values with peaks of 41 ° C. For example in Rimini, returning to a maximum of 22-25 ° C, after experiencing 37 ° C in the shade last Sunday, will be a shock or a great well-being: it will seem to be back in autumn or to have flown to the archipelago of the Faroe Islands, even if on the 18 volcanoes of the Atlantic Ocean the maximum temperature will hardly exceed 10 degrees.

In summary, with the cold drop from the Arctic Circle towards the Balkans, we will have a break in the early summer of the last few weeks, we will return to the correct season: a typical phase of late spring with hot flames alternating with storm breaks.

Too bad that Scipione is ready to return to the field on the horizon: from Saturday the sun will be the protagonist everywhere, from Monday or Tuesday the temperatures could return very hot; luckily, in a first phase, the fiery tongue of the African Anti-cyclone will point to Spain and France, we have time to prepare for a new probable heat wave.


Wednesday 8. In the north: worsens strongly in the afternoon from the Northwest to the Northeast. Center: more unstable on Abruzzo and Molise. In the south: thunderstorms in Puglia and Basilicata.

Thursday 9. In the North: very unstable in the Northeast. Center: showers and thunderstorms on the Adriatic, Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio interiors. In the south: bad weather with showers and strong winds from the North-East.

Friday 10. In the north: sunny. Center: residual showers on the Adriatic, Umbria and east Lazio, strong wind from the North-East. In the south: bad weather with showers and strong winds from the North-East.

Trend. From the weekend a new expansion of the anticyclone with lots of sun and a gradual return of the African heat.


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