• May 29, 2023

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. More than a thousand Mariupol prisoners transferred to Russia. Chief Rabbi escapes from Moscow

More than a thousand Ukrainian prisoners captured in the city of Mariupol were reportedly transferred to Russia for investigation. And, while Kiev is working to get them back to their homeland, Moscow is waiting for them to be tried first. When the war reaches its 105th day, Ukrainian President Zelensky draws a new balance; over 31,000 Russian soldiers lost their lives in the field.

War Ukraine – Russia, beyond the live: what you need to know today

04.50 NATO ready for greater cooperation with Japan

Cooperation between NATO and Japan is intensifying in response to the exacerbation of the conflict in Ukraine and fears of a destabilization process in the Indo-Pacific region.
This was discussed during the two-day visit to Tokyo by Admiral Rob Bauer, president of the Military Committee of the North Atlantic Alliance, who met with the Japanese Minister of Defense Nobuo Kishi in conjunction with military exercises in the Mediterranean in which the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

04.25 World Bank allocates new funds for 1.49 billion

The World Bank approved an additional $ 1.49 billion loan for Ukraine to help pay the wages of state and social workers, expanding the total pledged support for Kiev to over $ 4 billion. The Bank said in a statement that the latest round of funding for Ukraine is backed by funding guarantees from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Latvia.

03.08 President of the Foreign Affairs Commission European Parliament McAllister: “EU candidate status in Kiev”

The chairman of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, the German David McAllister, said that weapons, equipment and the status of EU candidate should be given to Kiev as a “clear political signal of solidarity with the courageous people of Ukraine”.
The Kyiv Independent reports it

03.01 Zelensky: “Work continues for EU candidate status”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said yesterday he held “a government meeting on communication with the European Union and with individual EU member states on the application for membership and candidate status” of Kiev and to be at work “for reach a significant historic decision as early as June “. “The diplomatic activity in this direction – explains Zelensky in his latest video message – does not stop even for a day. I hear daily reports, even on the preparation of procedural decisions in the European Union. For its part, Ukraine has done everything. , absolutely all the necessary work: the ball is now in the field of European structures, of European countries “.

02.12 Chief Rabbi of Moscow escaped from Russia

Moscow’s chief rabbi, Pinchas Goldschmidt, fled Russia after being pressured to support the invasion of Ukraine. This was announced by Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt, a journalist in the United States and daughter-in-law of the Jewish religious authority. “I can finally let everyone know – writes the reporter on her Twitter account – that my in-laws have been pressured by the authorities to publicly support the ‘special operation’ in Ukraine and have refused to do so”. “They fled to Hungary two weeks after the Russian invasion and are now in exile from the community they loved and built and raised their children in for over 33 years,” explains Chizhik-Goldschmidt.

01.47 Separatist mayor: “Melitopol prepares referendum”

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Deputy Chief of Staff Sergey Kiriyenko visited the Russian-occupied southeastern Ukrainian city of Melitopol yesterday. The self-proclaimed pro-Russian mayor Galina Danilchenko said, adding that Melitopol is starting preparations for a referendum. The city is “very grateful to the Russian Federation for the help and support we are receiving in building this life. We know that our future lies in unity with Russia. The Russian Federation is here forever. And now we are getting started. to prepare for the referendum, “Danilchenko said in a video posted on Telegram

01.37 Zelensky: “A fundraiser to rebuild destroyed cities”

The Ukrainian government is working to raise funds to rebuild the cities destroyed by the Russian army. President Zelensky stated this in his video, adding that work has already begun to restore electricity, gas and water in the territories from which the Russians were driven back. One of the ways money is raised, he added, is through the UNITED24 platform, which brought in over $ 50 million in the first month. Tennis player Elina Svitolina joined former Ukrainian footballer Andriy Shevchenko to become collection ambassador

01.10 Zelensky: “Russian forces have not made progress in the Donbass” and announces book on horrors of war

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in his night video, said that Russian forces have not made significant progress in the eastern Donbass region on the last day. Also in the video, the president announces the imminent release of a volume entitled ‘Book of executioners’ in which the evidence of the horrors committed by the Russians during what Putin has always defined a special military operation would be collected. The volume, says Zelensky, describes rape and mass executions such as the one in Bucha that Russia has described as a hoax to discredit Moscow.

00.54 Moscow: more than a thousand Mariupol prisoners transferred to Russia for investigation

More than 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered in the city of Mariupol were transferred to Russia for investigation, the news agency reported Tax quoted a Russian law enforcement source. More Ukrainian prisoners will be transferred to Russia, the source said. Ukraine has said it is working to have all prisoners returned, while Moscow believes they should be tried.

00.40 Merkel: “I mediate with Putin? I don’t think it would help at the moment”

“Mediating with Putin? I don’t have the impression that it does any good at the moment. Putin has made a decision that I consider catastrophic and fatal. I don’t think there is much to talk about, especially not without talking to Ukraine.” This was stated in an interview by former Chancellor Angela Merkel. “Now it is very, very important that the European Union remains united,” she added.

00.30 Zelensky: “Over 31 thousand Russian soldiers died in the war”

“Over 31,000 Russian soldiers have already died in Ukraine. Since February 24, Russia has been paying for nearly 300 lives of its soldiers every day for a completely senseless war against Ukraine.” This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

00.01 Serbian media: war and peace banned in Ukraine schools

Ukraine plans to ban Leo Tolstoy’s ‘War and Pace’ school curricula and all other books by Russian writers extolling the Moscow army. In releasing the news, the Serbian agency Tanjug quotes the first Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Education Andrej Vitrenko as saying that “everything that exalts the Russian army disappears from the school curricula of foreign literature”. “For example, things like ‘War and Pace’ will no longer be studied in Ukraine,” Vitrenko noted, adding that school curricula will be modified in order to strengthen “patriotic education”.

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