• June 8, 2023

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Kiev: over 1,100 air strikes against Russians since the beginning of the war. UN report: millions of people in suffering and poverty

The war continues unabated: we are on the 106th day of fighting. And the situation is becoming more and more dramatic. A UN report found that the living conditions of millions of people have dramatically worsened as a result of the conflict. Crises and poverty are growing. US aid worth one billion dollars arrived in Ukraine

War Ukraine – Russia, beyond the live: what you need to know today

01.17 USA: aid for 1 billion dollars has already arrived in Ukraine

Ukraine has already received one billion dollars in assistance from the United States and another 7.5 billion dollars are “on the way”: the US ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget Brink, announced in a tweet. At the end of May, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, signed a package of military and humanitarian aid that includes almost 40 billion dollars for Ukraine.

01.01 Kiev: over 1,100 air raids against Russians since the beginning of the war

Ukrainian forces have launched over 1,100 air strikes against the Russian army since the war began on 24 February. This was announced by the Kiev Air Force command, specifying that targets such as armaments, troops and logistics centers were hit. The reports on Kyiv Independent.

00.30 United Nations Report: millions of people at risk of poverty due to war

A United Nations report states that the war in Ukraine is increasing the suffering of millions of people due to rising food and energy prices, adding to the difficulties caused by a growing financial crisis, the impact of the Covid pandemic and climate change. The report points out that the war “has exacerbated a global cost-of-living crisis never seen in at least one generation” and is jeopardizing the United Nations’ goal of ending extreme poverty around the world by 2030.

00.01 Conte: “Now is the time for negotiation”

“We immediately said no to rearmament. There were those who wanted to take 10-15 billion for military investments instead of allocating them to citizens’ needs, we said no and we blocked a mad rush to rearmament”. M5S Stelle leader Giuseppe Conte said this during a rally in Catanzaro in support of the center-left mayoral candidate, Nicola Fiorita. “We immediately offered support to Ukraine, but now – continued Conte – it is time for negotiations, for peace, we cannot go ahead with a military escalation, with a conflict of ever larger dimensions. We must put an end to it. to this crazy war and Italy must be in the front row to make a change to achieve this result. We must put an end to this conflict – concluded the M5S leader – with all our strength “.

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